The Wholesale Corruption Of Our Education System

Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie – The Education Scandal : The Wholesale Corruption Of Our Education System

I believe our education system is deeply corrupted – engaging in this scandal can be a dangerous and costly mistake. Like many of my posts my opinions are contentious, however I will provide compelling reasons for my beliefs!

I hope this will assist those of you who wish to engage with the education system to reevaluate your decisions. I will also be providing some suggestions for alternative approaches to education.

This post is a continuation of my series entitled: Everything We Have Been Told Is A Lie – Let Me Liberate You My Steemit Family! These are difficult subjects for some to digest but I am optimistic that by sharing knowledge we can change our lives. Jockey believes we all deserve to live in peace and with liberty! So lets dive straight into this turgid swamp…

By jockey

Some Background

I attended some of the best schools on 3 continents. I graduated from one of the top universities in Europe – having studied business, economics, finance and law. In retrospect I can now see glaring gaps in my education process which represent major red flags. ? What they taught me in university was nothing more than blatant lies! My entire education process represented years of my life and an extreme financial cost.

How can this time and money amount to no more than lies and the theft of my precious time on this world?

A close family member of mine is an acknowledged global expert in the education field and wrote curriculum that is used today across the world. They now share my opinions on this subject and we are both incensed!

I mention this only to provide some context to show that I have been through the education process and have some depth of understanding concerning how these scams a implemented…

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Why Are Our School Systems So Grossly Inadequate..?

I attended supposedly the best schools in Europe, Asia and Australasia. My schooling represented twelve years of my beautiful youth. During school I was generally dissatisfied with what I was being taught. I now believe that my heart knew I was being lied to. What valuable and truthful information was I really taught in my schools?

  1. Reading, Writing & Communicating
  2. Basic Mathematics
  3. Socialisation

There was not much else which I was ever to find useful in my later life!?

How can it take twelve years to teach these basic subjects? Children are incredibly smart and can be taught this knowledge in just a few years!

In contrast let us look at some very important subjects which did not feature in my education process. How can it be that these vital subjects were never or only briefly covered in twelve years of schooling?

  1. Conflict resolution – a vital skill for living a peaceful and happy life!
  2. How money is created and manipulated – vital yet it is never discussed in school!
  3. How to grow organic food at home – knowledge our ancestors possessed!
  4. How to grow and use medicinal plants for natural healing – vital knowledge!
  5. Very limited sex education – yet we are hopefully having sex all our lives! ?
  6. Very basic drug education – vital information that could stop so much misery!
  7. Geopolitics!
  8. A basic understanding of our legal rights!
  9. The history of religions: Judaism, Christianity & Islam – all believe in the same God!

I regularly talk to teenagers all over the world and these important subjects seem to be missing from the curriculums of schools, no matter how prestigious. It is obvious to me now that these subjects are not addressed because this knowledge represents liberation and could change the way our world is run for the better!

Twelve years of education gives you a high school diploma which is almost entirely worthless, entitling you to work only the most menial jobs. In my opinion this is clearly a financial scam but the worst aspect to me is the loss of our precious time on this beautiful world!

This worrying situation is amplified by the fact that countries are making it illegal to homeschool their children. This is worthy of its own post but to touch on it briefly the BBC informs us that in Germany home schooling is illegal: “It isn’t just discouraged, it is punishable by heavy fines and imprisonment and their children could be taken away” from parents! 1What happened to freedom of choice???

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The University Scam

This is where this topic becomes very interesting and needs to be broken into several parts for ease of understanding. First a quick story:

At university I received a 98% mark in my economics exam – the highest of my class. Years later through a random meeting in a pub in Australia I was gifted a book which was to totally change my understanding of economics and money. I began to realise everything I had been taught was lies!

A few years ago I met a young woman who was studying for the same degree at the same university I attended. Through my discussion with her I came to realise that the same economic rubbish is still being taught to students at the great expense of their time and money! Even the most basic understanding of how money is created and distributed is recreated into untruths!

I have often considered taking my university to court because the perpetuation of these lies represents either fraud or gross incompetence!

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The Financial Scam Of University

Although teaching lies and wasting our time is bad enough, there is an even more insidious scam being played out at our institutions of higher learning. This is a financial scam!

The business model of a loan is to collect endless interest on the principal loan. This is extremely profitable for those making the loans out of thin air but also helps to keep people distracted by being in debt. As Professor Noam Chomsky so aptly puts it:

“Students who acquire large debts putting themselves through school are unlikely to think about changing society. When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think. Tuition fee increases are a “disciplinary technique,” and, by the time students graduate, they are not only loaded with debt, but have also internalized the “disciplinarian culture.” This makes them efficient components of the consumer economy.”

Again this is a topic that deserves an entire post to itself but let us take a brief look at some of the basic economics associated with university debt in the US. As the Financial Times’ Rana Foroohar points out:

“Over the past 10 years the amount of student loan debt in the US has grown by 170 per cent, to a whopping $1.4tn — more than car loans, or credit card debt. Indeed, as an expert at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently pointed out to me, since 2008 we have basically swapped a housing debt bubble for a student loan bubble.”2

It is clear that the privatisation of higher education is being used to suck our youth into perpetual debt from which it is very difficult to escape. To meet loan repayments the youth are forced to work for corporations leaving them no time to study truth and making them essentially economic slaves.

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The Corruption Of Our Universities – Just Buy Your Degree!

As if the economic scam of education was not bad enough the value of degrees in the job market has plummeted. When most of your peers have a bachelors degree what value does that piece of paper give you? The answer is: very little, if anything! Nobody has ever asked to see my degree!

However don’t worry, if you have money you can buy your degree, like the boss of Goldman Sachs Asia. Lets take a look at this:

  • Just buy your doctorate! The former Goldman Sachs Asian boss was dr Tim Leissner. This totally reprehensible individual recently facilitated the theft of billions of dollars from the poorest people of Malaysia. I want to write another post naming and shaming this appalling person, but for the moment it is clear that he is a thief with no respect for human dignity. He liked people to call him: doctor Tim – cool dude right? The theft he helped to perpetrate is now the subject of the US Department Of Justice’s largest ever kleptocracy case . Although this thief might never see a prison cell, we live in hope. The world has it’s own system of checks and balances. I hope you are reading this dr Tim – your accounting is coming! He has now left his former employers Goldman Sachs but during the ensuing investigation it became clear that he purchased his doctorate from a degree mill. 3Hey, if purchasing a doctorate is good enough for the head of Goldman Sachs Asia it’s good enough for you and I! Do you agree?

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dr Tim: Look at the face of someone who will greedily steal from the poor – Yuck! I’m being sick into the garden! You can take your wikipedia page down but it is my honour to welcome you to the blockchain Tim! Disgusting!

  • Honorary doctorates. Universities regularly confer honorary doctorates to those they favour. One has to wonder what favours have been done for universities to distribute these qualifications, waving the years of study that normally need to be undertaken by the rest of us. Just looking into this subject is a rabbit hole unto itself and deserves a post of its own.
  • Diploma Mills will happily sell you a degree for a price. All you need to do is pay. Perhaps I should earn some Steem and become dr Jockey. Good idea? 😉

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Who Controls Our Curriculum & Access To Information?

We are lead to believe that our educational institutions are independent and to be trusted. This is complete and utter rubbish as those who fund our education systems are the ones who dictate what we are taught. This is the same technique that our corrupt media system uses against us.

Even a cursory investigation into which foundations fund universities and who owns those foundations provide some shocking insights. Scholarship programs such as the Rhodes Scholarships only compound the corruption agenda and facilitate this tragic money merry-go-round. There is also significant suspicion that our secret services such as the CIA are involved in this process.

This problem includes issues such as publishers writing curriculums and making huge profit from the yearly sale of textbooks which have been only slightly updated. This scandal also helps to repress information that is deemed unfit for public consumption such as where money comes from and how it is distributed in our societies. I will be dealing with this in an upcoming post.

A further problem is the extreme influence of foundations and scholarships in our education system such as the aforementioned Rhodes Scholarship, from which President Bill Clinton and Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott were spawned. The entire system is riddled with corruption!?

This is a very deep topic but I want to give one example here of massive corruption in our eduction industry by big business…

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The Koch Brothers Buying Universities

The Koch Brothers are notorious business men with an appalling social and environmental record. These brothers clearly lack empathy and compassion for people and they are now trying to influence the education system – in a big way!

“In 2012, two of the six private charitable foundations controlled and funded by Charles and David Koch infused nearly $13 million into higher-education programs and departments at public colleges and universities across the U.S., according to a new investigative report by the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Public Integrity (CPI). The money comes on top of tens of millions more that Koch foundations spent on campuses in the decade before, according to CPI’s analysis of Internal Revenue Service tax filings.” 3

These massive donations only represent the tip of the iceberg and add to the multimillions of dollars already invested. Although these universities assure the public that these donations do not influence the decision making process this has been proven to be lies. What do these people really want?

The goal is to influence our education process. Big business wants to control what we think by controlling our curriculum and who gets to teach it to us. The end goal is to control our minds so that future policies are developed to favour big business at the expense of our freedom and liberty. The Koch brothers are just one example of many financial interests influencing our education institutions to the detriment of our societies and our environment!

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Alternative Approaches For Education

So what are we to do about this? My advice is that if you want to go through the traditional educational system you should try and avoid as much debt as possible. How to do that is another complicated question but understanding the manipulation of money and the law is a good first step to protecting yourself.

If you are following the traditional route I suggest studying something technical and pushing through for a doctorate. At least that way when you graduate you can get a job that pays well and allows you to get out of debt faster.

A second and more interesting option is to follow the actions of my youngest best-friend @chron. With the blessings of his family he decided to leave school at age 15. If you look at his posts you will see that he is better educated and more articulate than most young people his age! The truth is available to us without school, you just have to do the work yourself but at least you will be learning the truth!

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When @chron decided to leave school I was unsure his choice was wise. Now after several years of research into this subject I completely agree with his decision. He was unhappy at school like I was but now he is glowing. He was also learning very little of value at his expensive school.

During my research into this topic I found several solutions for him should he ever really need a degree:

  1. Just buy a fake Australian degree from a printers such as available here or in Bangkok.
  2. Buy a degree from a diploma mill like the reprehensible dr Tim – hey it was good enough for Goldman Sachs!
  3. Make a lot of money and just buy an honorary doctorate from a university by donating to them. This happens all the time and is probably comparable to spending the money directly on the degree!

My young friend @chron is happy and learning a lot now. His posts are excellent and totally worth following. He also has much less deprogramming of his mind to do! The money spent on a bachelors degree would be much better spent on investing in a business or in crypto currencies these days. Steem on my teenage brothers and sisters!??

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In closing I just want to make the point that there are many truthful honest people in the education system. I have members of my family who fall into this category. My criticisms are not levelled at these honest people but rather at the wholesale purchase of our education system which has been undertaken by the money powers who wish to control our minds! I will be dealing with this in my upcoming post on our monetary system.

I want to thank all my fellow Steemians who have inspired me to speak out and share the knowledge I have – you know who you are!? In particular I want to thank @teamsteem for inspiring me to write this series. All his posts are of excellent quality and his feed is totally worth following!

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You will notice that I have not capitalised the words university or doctor because I have lost all respect for them and don’t believe they deserve to be capitalised!?

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