I’ve learned all sorts of things here on Steemit this year. One of them is that posting popular opinion gets you followers, upvotes, and much love.

But calling bollocks on widely believed opinion gets you unfollows, and 20 cents payouts. Every time I see someone do a post exposing some hidden secrets I check to see just what it earns – inevitably it earns not much, plus any bot votes, which is one of the reasons I have come to kind of like bot votes…

Many people on Steemit seem to believe that because they realise what is reported in the mainstream media is all bullshit (Level One) they know what time it is. But they believe what is reported in the “alt media” (Level Two). And not that many seem to grasp that the alt media is mostly propaganda as well, it’s just the same zionist overlords playing both sides, as they always do – divide and conquer (Level Three)

Now here is where it get tricky – like one of those multi level games, there are more levels. And like chess grand masters, zionists led by the rotchild family, are playing many levels above what most of us “conspiracy theorists” understand. In fact they are playing most conspiracy theorists as well. And I don’t just mean the obvious shills like alex jones, I mean all of us included me… (Level Four)

And that is why I have really toned down my conspiracy posts this year, along with all the unfollows I was earning, right now here on Steemit we all need as much happy clappy vibe as we can get, because we are being played. And that is one of the things understanding Level Four includes – realising that pointing out the zionist manipulations is in itself being manipulated. Level Four is where I’m up to now, but I’ve only just started to grasp this one – and that’s after a decade, so I’m not exactly a speeding bullet! Another part of Level Four is the realisation that there will be at least a Level Five, and probably many more.

Watching the responses on Steemit to the yellow jacked psyop playing out in France has really brought all this home to me. One of the cool things about being on the blockchain is that we can go back and check out people’s track records. Lately I’ve been doing that for crypto “experts” – and although they have high reps and lots of followers, their track records are mostly appalling. There are virtually none who said “cryptos will go down this year” – not just at the start, but at at any point earlier than three months ago. So they almost all missed the boat entirely.

With “conspiracy theorists” the pattern is different – the ones who understand  the more advanced stuff have mostly just disappeared from Steemit. I don’t think it’s because they were “silenced” – I think it’s because they got to level four and didn’t know what to do. Let’s face it, even calling bullshit on the “alt media” (Level Three) earns you a fair bit of hate on Steemit, and having experienced all that, posting about Level Four just isn’t appealing, so most just throw in the towel.

Or they start posting positive stuff instead, because why continue to tell people that everything they believe is all bullshit, if it may be doing more harm than good. Right now part of me would like to do a post about the French yellow jacket “movement”, but given that nearly everyone I know on Steemit who would agree with my opinion, has stopped posting all together, and most of the others will just hate me for it, I’m not going to.

Maybe Level Five involves posting art, fiction, memes, affirmations, distractions, funny stuff, photos of Ducati’s with so many filters on them they look like foot and mouth paintings – all that entertainment shit…