Blaze up and see the light.

Is it possible to remain straight for so long that even when you finally smoke some weed you still write boring drivel that reads like an accountants to do list?

I stopped smoking pot during the lockdown because I didn’t want to become a paranoid cunt, but I already was a paranoid cunt, so it didn’t work very well, and I have now started smoking pot again.

This reality actually makes more sense when I’m stoned. Being surrounded by people who believe what the voices on their phones tell them, I prefer to believe what the voices in my stash tell me.

And the voices in my tin of primo sticky bud are saying “time to end this straight shit”

No wonder they banned pot, all it takes is a few good tokes and sheeple might start wondering if corona virus is all complete bullshit.

Like all imaginary things, viruses disappear as soon as you light up.

So light up sheeple, light up.