Music this century has all turned to shit, so it’s hard to find any bands that don’t suck.

One of the very few good ones was The White Stripes. They kicked arse.

And there is another duo that makes The White Stripes sound like Abba. The Kills.

Imagine a guitar sound so heavy and so dirty it redefines punk, funk, grunge, blues, and metal. And combine that with a singer who lets out primal screams and looks like a chain smoking vampire who just crawled out of a swamp.

Check out track one from their first album:

But that was back in 2003. 16 Years on, now she looks like a blonde pop star, but still chain smokes, and still rocks out. Clearly the secret to reversing aging is to smoke like a chimney and do primal screaming.

This is intended as health advice: ignore your clueless doctor and take up smoking

But first watch this and rock out:

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