How to write higher conscious blog posts (with 172 bonus memes)

The amazing thing about being stoned off your nut when you are Writing is that all the deep wisdom of the Universe comes flooding through the gates of perception and you rise to a higher level of consciousness.

Usually all this is lost because / cloze off and forget everything / understood while / was baked, But not anymore – here / am using a galaxy note pen to wRite down my flow of Wisdon and turn it all into text as / go

I’m trying to write”I” you useless piece of Korean junk

Now then, where was /?

Oh Yes, wisdom… Yeah this shit is on a higher lever but when I’m all straight tomorrow I might forget all this and no longer be connected to higher concisionsuess

This is Deep like Donald Trump posting Q messages on Twitter and this post will reveal the entire agenda and how to save the children as well

Every showflake falls in it’s correct place. Oh fuck it, hits from the bong man hits from the bong …

All this mask and Virus shit is wearing me down so / posted 172 Memes on socoal media yesterday

Yes 172 is a lot but someone has to do it…

PS. There may be a few double ups, but it was good buds…