Like most people who have been on the internet since the dawn of time, I have set up accounts on every social media platform known to man (or more accurately, known to AI bots) and over the years have come to see the shortcomings in every one of them. Once, for about a year I actually thought one of them could be the holy grail (Steemit from mid 2016 to mid 2017, until my delusions were shattered). But no, there is no one platform to rule them all, they are all a bit crap in one way or another.

Popularity is in many ways the inverse of quality, both with the platforms (Facebook & Twitter are the most popular platforms) and with the “successful” content creators. The most popular influencers are all fake front actors with teams of minions preparing their content. (Yes, not just all the mainstream propaganda shills, but the alt media bigshots like Alex Jones and most of the others, both big and small, are fake too… )

After having a back injury and spending a lot of time lying down and looking at my tablet for over a month, I learned first hand just how addictive and what an utter waste of time most social media is. Most (nearly all) of the content is fake, most of the accounts on all levels are fake, with all the trending content being put there and boosted by the same unseen hands that seem to control nearly everything else. And yes, those hands are Jewish owned.

Meanwhile there are some people posting some excellent content, but they are not winning any popularity contests, and most of them don’t seem to give a toss about social media – in fact some only post on their own sites and make no effort at all to “market” themselves. A good example is Miles Mathis who posts his essays in PDF only, on his hideous looking dung green and piss yellow (yes really!) coloured website that looks like some of the sites I was being paid to give makeovers to nearly 25 years ago. But his content is brilliant and I have learned a lot from reading over 200 of his essays.

After a week off looking at social media the thing that really hit me was what a time wasting bunch of crap most of the posts are. A lot of them are links to videos, and nothing is better designed to waste time than videos. It’s almost like the aim of social media is to suck people in and get them to stare at crappy videos all day. (as if…) And the content constantly trends to whatever meaningless distraction will keep everyone from seeing the magicians devious hands – Chinese spy balloons, some slutty cop who shags every cop at her station, a fake gay Phizer employee in a bar, whatever, look at that crap and just don’t do any real research yourself!

Americans comprise less than 5% of the global population but post more than 99% of all social media content (this figure has not been fact checked) so social media is mainly just endless American content. Most of which is RETARDED… For the 95%+ of us who are not Americans, we really need to focus on our own cultures and end our addiction to this relentless drip feed of Americana.

OK time to get down to it – what are my conclusions after a week off?

Firstly, I need to impose a limitation on how long I look at social media, and I’m going to make that ONE HOUR A DAY IN TOTAL. Yes, I will have to time it with a stopwatch, and it means exercising some self discipline! All social media? Yes, am afraid so, otherwise it just grows and grows, and recently I was looking at this stuff up to four hours a day, which is not productive. Spending 3/4 of that time focussed on more important things (like healing my back) has shown good results already.

Secondly – what is my best use of social media? (or being used by it) – I have come to think that when it comes down to it, it’s mainly a way to promote my own content on, which probably makes very little difference to the traffic but gives me the illusion that I have a growing audience. So it’s not really social at all, it’s an illusion of marketing…

And I’m going to do that by continuing to post thousands of my images with my URL in the corner and hope some of them go viral. Posting on multiple platforms in less than one hour a day, that will be about all I have time for. And I’ll also keep posting content on my own blog (not counting that as using social media) even if nobody looks at it, because it helps me to get my thoughts in order, and I like having galleries of my images.

So I’ll be marketing and scrap booking, while persuading my ego to let go of the idea that I’m some sort of “influencer”

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