Or more tellingly, are “his” fans?

I don’t go on about popular music much these days because it is just too lame to pay attention to. But last week I was stuck in some heavy traffic and it turned to be caused by a flock of sheeple attending a concert by some talentless little twat called Ed Sheeran. 

I have previously mentioned him in posts about celebs signalling their illuminati connections by using hand signs such as the all seeing eye, and also one about celebs being trannies. Or more accurately, trannies being groomed to become celebs.


Ed is an unlikely star with his round podgy face, small feminine features, gingery nerdmop haircut, sad beady eyes, dork glasses, small shapeless body, woke tatts, and thin low testosterone facial fluff. He looks like a female to male (FTM) tranny. He also looks like sombody’s pet gimp.

 Right in the middle of all the latest shitstorms to hit New Zealand he turned up here in Wellington to do not just one, but three concerts. Whoops, something has gone wrong with the circus show, quick, bring out a clown to distract the audience…

 Supposedly he is massively popular, and his fake Youtube hits certainly are extraordinary. The hits and comments on Youtube videos are legendary for being fake and manipulated, but even by Youtube standards these numbers are special. On one unbelievably lame video he has 3.3 BILLION views. Yes that is 33 as in the Masonic special number. And yes that is BILLIONS as in there are only supposed to be eight billion people on earth in total. (and that figure is rumoured to be grossly inflated, but that is another rabbit hole).


So let’s run with that… If nearly half the official population on earth (keeping in mind that the vast majority of them don’t speak English and have no interest in western pop music) watched that crappy video, that would about be the magic 3.3 BILLION.  Yeah right… 

I must admit I only watched about one minute of the video because his singing was so appalling I immediately wanted to go back to my safe space. People were apparently paying up to NZ$195 for tickets to his concerts, but I would probably pay up to $50 not to have to listen to any more of him! Although one minute of that torture did reveal a few things. 

My rapid conclusion from that ghastly 60 seconds was that he was chosen to be popular precisely because he is gimpy looking MTF with no actual talent so he is the perfect front for programming zoomers to accept and embrace their own confused genders, relationship failures, and lack of charisma or talent. He is a role model for being a complete loser.

Pop music has long been about programming the masses, from the Tavistock creations like the Beatles and the Stones to the American equivalent (Laurel Canyon) bands like the Doors and the Grateful Dead. But there was real artistry in some of that programming.

Today’s programming doesn’t even attempt to create any real music. It’s just a form of hypnotisation. Yes, the Beatles albums were all played by session musicians, but at least they were damn good session musicians. Auto tuned vocals backed by AI sounds are not in the same league. And the CIA write really gay lyrics.

 To think that in the 90’s I used to think Michael Bolton sucked… but I had no idea what suck even was…

OK, I know some people will say I’m just a grumpy old wanker who doesn’t appreciate the greatness of modern music. 

But I do like this album from 2012:


And this album from 2022 is pretty good too:



Yeah, I know they are both totally retro but what else is there?