Back in 2006 when I first started blogging on a new self hosted website set up in April it was a real buzz to watch the traffic increasing almost exponentially each month for the first eight months. Later on I was a bit surprised to see it decline for the first time in 2008 (my first run in with Google), but after that for the next seven years the traffic was pretty constant, mostly slowly increasing, as you might expect with the content also slowly increasing.

Late in 2015 I did a huge upgrade to the site and really got things sorted out. The results soon became evident with rapid growth in 2016 and by 2017 the site was pumping – it got over 4 million page hits that year! But in 2018 the decline began. A lot of my posts already included content about “germ theory” “vaccinations” and “globalists” but I hadn’t even started talking about the “covidhoax” at that point.

In 2019 I was discussing pandemics, eugenics, and a lot of the other Agenda 2030 evil doings. I have no idea when the big decline in traffic really started because oddly my stats for 2019 are identical to 2018. Almost as if they have been replaced… But it’s fair to say my site was black listed by Google. The search engine hits from Google have been incredibly low ever since, with the main search engine hits now coming from Yandex and Duckduckgo.

Yandex is a Russian search engine and web portal

Just how much effect on the site traffic does a Google shadow ban have? Well, check this out – my hits in 2022 for the full year were the lowest ever, lower than my hits for 2006 were in just eight months. And the site content in 2006 was only about 60 pages. In 2022 it was more than 600 pages. I have estimated the hits for 2023 based on the first seven months of the year and they do seem to be very slowly increasing. This is mainly due to more people using search engines other that deep state Google. So yes, I’d say Google do control the internet to a huge extent.

Bandwith use and page hits to 2006-2023