Blogging has certainly not turned out to be the world changing activity I once hoped it would be. I started out posting on Blogger long ago, which despite being owned by Google was such a well designed platform that I still miss it from when I stopped using it nearly a decade ago. It just works really well.

These days it’s not very popular anymore, but I’ve given up caring about that, and last month I set up a new Blogger account to replace my original blog from long ago. I still have the same domain name, but it now points at the new blog. There’s not much on it yet, but I plan to start regularly posting on Blogger again, just because I have always liked the platform (even though I don’t like Google)

At my most optimistic I hoped blogging could change society, and with the advent of the Steemit blockchain in 2016, I also hoped I could earn reasonable money for writing blog posts. Well, society has certainly changed in the past quarter of a century, since I got my first computer in 1998, but mostly not for the better.

To my jaded old eyes there were many things that were better in the 90’s and very few that are better now. Apart from geek stuff like the speed of internet connections and ease of transferring data, I struggle to come up with much stuff that is better now.

Blogging is another one of those things like data transferal that has never been easier. But sadly most of the content is lame, boring, semi-literate bullshit, and getting an audience of intelligent real humans in this day and age is not easy.

 I live in New Zealand, which is a beautiful country in the middle of being fucked over by some of the most evil and corrupt WEF gimps on the planet. There are likely to be more “hate speech” laws being brought in by these maggots, and people like me who want to share non-approved content will have to adapt.

Free platforms are as rare as hen’s teeth, and it’s not as easy to remain uncensored as I had hoped. Coming from a background of being black listed by both Google and Facebook, I stopped using their platforms and thought the future was in blockchains.

Back in 2016 before I knew shit from chewed dates, Steemit at first seemed awesome. But I soon learned a thing or two. Steemit turned out to be just as oppressive as Facebook really, just in a different way. And Hive rapidly became far worse. But I did well out of both platforms financially for a while, and still think of Hive as well designed platform, even though several whales have spelt it out in no uncertain terms that I’m not welcome there.

What I’m I going on about?

Which brings me to the point of this ramble – I need an effective system for blogging. As of August 2023 this is my plan for world blogging domination:

I will do my longer blog posts on my blog because WordPress is well designed, and my blog is self hosted so in theory can’t be censored. But in practice the globalist NZ Government can threaten my server space provider, and they in turn are forced to apologetically ask me to remove the offending content – so the writing is on the wall, at some point in the future I may need overseas options that can’t be censored like that. And that is why I’m interested in uncensored blockchains.

Secondly I will do a mix of more frequent but shorter posts on my Blogger account and enjoy the irony of using Google’s own platform to host the very content they are trying to block. But they may well notice me and crack down at some stage.

Thirdly, I’m also keeping my own offline copies of everything I post, so if my online content gets censored or deleted at some point I could put it all back on a new platform.

 All the other platforms that I’ve been posting content on for the past seven years, including Facebook, Steemit, Hive, Bastyon, Blurt and a few others, have ended badly, or simply crawled up their own arses, so I have pretty much given up on them and am focusing on posting content on my own blogs. But I’m past caring what anyone else thinks about anything I post these days, so have turned all the comments off on both of them.

I plan to knock out a post of some sort on either or most days, and it’s safe to say I won’t be doing it for fame or fortune, but more because it helps me to get my thoughts straightened out, and if it has any influence on the global hive mind (I’m sure that platform name was no accident) that would be an added bonus. It feels like we are trying to bail out a sinking ship right now I know, but every insight or bit of positive vision could do us all wonders.