The truth is I have no idea and like everyone I’m guessing. Here are some of my best guesses:

Cryptos are now mostly owned and manipulated up and down by the same zionists who control banking, the media, and politics. So they will be pushed up and down, until eventually they could be crashed as part of a plan to bring down all economies before 2030 (Agenda 2030). But these people are so greedy and evil they will probably do several more pump and dumps before any big crashes, because they can’t help themselves. And that could be their undoing

That crash may never happen, and just by talking about it like I’m doing here, quite possibly I’m doing exactly what they want – spreading FUD. In previous times they did things like making up utter bullshit like “atomic bombs” (which are entirely fake) to get people shitting themselves. So if I have no idea, I might as well do the opposite. Yes, I do think this crypto crash may go lower yet but it won’t be fatal, and cryptos will slowly recover next year. And I also think Steemit will stagger back to it’s feet.

In the past month I’ve seen some real bullshit around here, that in 30 months on Steemit I’ve never really seen that much of. Like minnows having bitch slapping fights and downvoting each other one cent, and whales having “my dick is bigger” battles and flagging the living snot out of each other. I even got blindly caught in the crossfire of one exchange and had some of my comments flagged. Wrong place, wrong time.

The thing is, we don’t have to be drawn into that shit – instead we can actively help each other overcome that bollocks, by ENCOURAGING our friends. Even if a lot of things have been done badly, we have still achieved some pretty awesome stuff here. Honestly, in 20 years of using the internet, Steemit is the best thing I’ve ever seen. And many of the most on to it people I’ve ever met, are right here on Steemit. We do have some big problems, and we also have people capable of working around them.

We all have different skills, and if we all do our best to improve things, I do think we can create DUF – Dedication, Unconcern, Faith. And anyone who knows me, knows that this is a bit out of character for a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but what the hell, I just got fully reamed out by the same pump and dump crypto scam that many of us have been this year, and all my paranoia didn’t help one bit.

Yes, I do think Michael J Fox is faking having Parkinson’s, that nearly every American actress is a male to female transvestite, that the moon landing was fake, and that cryptos have become a big pump and dump scam, BUT, I don’t think everyone has to agree about everything, and if Steemit has been run badly by some people at the core, maybe some of the people capable of doing things a lot better, will be inspired to give it their best shot now that we all clearly need to rise to the occasion.

Thanks to all my awesome Steemit friends for being amazing – doing conspiracy posts is pretty effortless for me, but writing this motivational stuff (yes I’m doing my best here to be encouraging) is something I’m only doing because you guys have really inspired me. If we can sort this out and make it work better (and I think we can) I’m up for it. So today I’ll refrain from blaming the zionist scum for this balls up, and just say that I think Steemit is really important and we can sort it out. And now that all the slack useless fuckers have run away crying anyway,  Steemit probably has the best awesome to useless ratio of any website in history. We can sort this because we kick arse!