This year would have been my second anniversary on Hive in March. Except that I quit using it because I was sick of being downvoted all the time.

We can choose to jump about in dog shit and then complain that our shoes stink, or we can look at stuff we like better than dog shit instead.

I learned a lot on Steemit and HIve, including what not to do. Here are five things I gave up doing when I started out on Blurt because each one of them is a part of what became a pain in the arse.


  1. ARGUING WITH CLUELESS FUCKERS. I understand now that arguing on the internet is like seeing some dog shit and choosing to stand in it rather than stepping over it. So I have stopped doing that.
  2. BEING A DICKHEAD. If someone I follow posts something I think is bollocks, rather than trying to “educate” them, I now choose to shut my pie hole and let them be. (OK, I admit I do call some of the insider wankers from Hive “trannies” but they deserve it!)
  3. USING MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS. I had accounts for posting, accounts for trading liquid Hive, accounts for being a dickhead, and accounts that were blacklisted for trying to educate whales. It was bloody confusing. Yes I do still have all those accounts, but at least they are all powered down now.
  4. KEEPING MY INVESTMENT LIQUID. Hive was turning increasingly dodgy, so for the past year I kept most of my investment liquid. On Blurt I’m doing my best to be a low key investor and casual content curator. So I’m taking a more chilled out approach, and I’ve simply powered up most of my Blurt and hope to see the platform grow.
  5. LONGING FOR THE GLORIOUS PAST. Back in 2016 and 2017 we did some cool posts and made some good wedge on Steemit, but these days I’m fully powered down, and I don’t speak Korean, so there is no reason for me to ever look at Steemit again. And same with Hive – it’s glory days are over. Hive is history, and I’m not a member of the insider club, so I’m glad to move on.