Imagine sucking down some primo weed from the vape and watching some freaky shit going on.

But being too baked to type words can lead a mind to pick up a pen and make shapes…

Do shapes have meanings?

Is the desire to reveal conspiracies part of the conspiracy?

Have I been played like a fiddle?

I’m hoping to move up to level 10 now and leave the fiddlers all behind.

by frot (67)


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You’ve been played like the fiddler on the roof!

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frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

I can’t seem to stop fiddling…

You need one of these…


Gotta let the inner you out.



frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

Are you trying to put me off my breakfast again?

That’s right don’t hold anything in, dig it out.



Sweet post bro, i’d like to look at these pics after a couple of tabs haha


frot (67)  ·  11 months ago

Now that shit could mess you up

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