The Dark Side Of Water Fluoridation

There are 7.7 billion people on this planet (as at March 2019). Only about 5 percent of them drink fluoridated water.

Why? Because their governments recognize that fluoride in large amounts becomes a toxic chemical that is not fit for human consumption.

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The 328,000,000 citizens of the United States drink more fluoridated water than all other countries combined. Why? Because the U.S. government continues to doggedly insist that it is safe and improves dental health.

But what do the facts say? As reported by Waking Times, dozens of peer-reviewed studies published in prestigious journals like The Lancet, have confirmed that fluoride is in fact toxic – especially to the developing brains of children.

These chemicals are derived from unprocessed toxic waste which is not purified in any way before being pumped into the water supply. How could it possibly be anything but harmful?

The History of Water Fluoridation in the United States

So, what prompted the government to start adding something so obviously harmful to our precious water supply?

Waking Times, quoting from an article by The Children’s Health Defense Team, explains a little about the history of this practice:

“During World War II, fluoride (a compound formed from the chemical element fluorine) came into large-scale production and use as part of the Manhattan Project.

According to declassified government documents summarized by Project Censored, Manhattan Project scientists discovered early on that fluoride was a “leading health hazard to bomb program workers and surrounding communities.”

In order to stave off lawsuits, government scientists “embarked on a campaign to calm the social panic about fluoride…by promoting its usefulness in preventing tooth decay.”

To back up its decision, the government embarked on a series of flawed and poorly designed “scientific” studies, which an expert later lambasted as “especially rich in fallacies, improper design, invalid use of statistical methods, omissions of contrary data, and just plain muddleheadedness and hebetude.”

They then used these sham studies to enforce a national policy of water fluoridation.

Short Film Reveals the Lunacy of Water Fluoridation

Story at-a-Glance:

Research links fluoridated water consumption to endocrine dysfunction, hypothyroidism, ADHD and reduced IQ

Many water authorities do not use pharmaceutical grade fluoride; they use hydrofluosilicic acid- a toxic waste product of the fertilizer industry that is frequently contaminated with heavy metals and other toxins

97 percent of Western European countries do not fluoridate, and data show non-fluoridating countries have seen the exact same reduction in dental cavities as fluoridated areas

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Studies Confirm Fluoride Lowers IQ and Harms Children in Other Ways

Interestingly, even government-backed studies have confirmed the dangers of fluoride in drinking water.

For example, a study published in 2017, which was largely funded by the government’s National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, uncovered a “strong relationship” between fluoride exposure in the womb and reduced cognitive function.

In addition, Natural News previously reported:

More than 50 peer-reviewed studies have linked the consumption of fluoridated water to lower IQ in children.

A joint metanalysis by Harvard School of Public Health and China Medical University, which examined 27 studies on the subject, found “strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children.

Fluoridation has also been linked to countless other devastating health effects in children, including premature birth, impaired neurological development, autism and preeclampsia.

A recent study also confirmed a significant link between fluoridation and ADHD.

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Death Rates Up to 26 Percent Higher in the Most Fluoridated States

And it gets worse. As reported by Waking Times, death rates among people who live in the 10 states with the highest fluoridation levels are between 5 and 26 percent higher than among people living in the 10 least fluoridated states.

Furthermore, studies have linked fluoridated water to cancer, damaging effects on the brain, and dental fluorosis, which experts agree is the first visible sign of fluoride toxicity.

The National Research Council of the National Academies also issued a warning in 2006 that fluoride exposure might be a risk factor in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

And to top it all off, there is literally no evidence that fluoride even prevents cavities! Even if it did, would that small benefit really be worth the massive potential for serious health problems that fluoridation has been scientifically linked to?

Learn more at or

Fluoridation Is Mass Medication, New Zealand Supreme Court Rules

FAN Handout on Fluoridation’s Effectiveness

The primary argument made by the pro-fluoridation lobby is that adding the fertilizer industry’s wet-scrubber slurry to the public’s drinking water is not only an effective strategy to reduce dental decay, but absolutely necessary regardless of what alternative oral health strategies are implemented.

While a potential minor reduction in cavities is a weak reason to ignore the plethora of studies showing harm from fluoride- – or the current fluorosis epidemic, or the ethical issues with medicating our water supply – it’s important we understand the issue of effectiveness when talking about fluoridation.

To help with this, our team has created an efficient 1-page handout (see below). Before we get to that, we have to stress that none of the studies we summarize actually rises to a top level study.

This is because in the over 70 years of fluoridation practice and promotion, there has not been one single randomized control trial (RTC) to demonstrate that swallowing fluoride lowers tooth decay.

Click on the image above to download a PDF version

It’s ready for immediate use and distribution. Some possible target audiences include the public, city councilors, state legislators and the media.

It’s one page in lay-friendly language, making it a quick, easy read for anyone. Citations are included.

It can be printed in either color for small higher-level groups or black and white for higher quantities inexpensively. Fluoridationists carefully cite only percentages of higher estimates of fluoridation’s effectiveness.

In contrast, the one-pager includes the lower estimates and the actual numbers of cavities reduced, enabling readers to be more fully informed.

FAN has additional information and resources on fluoridation’s effectiveness, which can be converted to PDF or a printer-friendly format by scrolling to the bottom of any webpage and clicking on either the printer or PDF icons on the left.

Overview page on effectiveness

Report: Fluoride & Tooth Decay – The Facts

Studies: Topical vs. systemic effect Studies: Decay rates in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated communities

Studies: Tooth decay trends in fluoridated vs. non-fluoridated countries

Studies: Decay rates after fluoridation is stopped

Studies: Fluoridation and “Baby Bottle” decay

Studies: Does water fluoridation help the impoverished

It’s also important to keep in mind what the promoters of fluoridation don’t want to talk about: choice, dental fluorosis, the origins of the chemicals used, environmental justice, or the serious health consequences of systemic exposure to fluoride that outweigh any potential oral health benefit.

It’s also important to keep in mind what the promoters of fluoridation don’t want to talk about: choice, dental fluorosis, the origins of the chemicals used, environmental justice, or the serious health consequences of systemic exposure to fluoride that outweigh any potential oral health benefit.

They also don’t want to discuss safe, targeted, more effective, non-controversial alternatives that have been used in non-fluoridated communities and nations that have the same or lower decay rates than their fluoridated counterparts.

This includes school sealant and dental screening programs, early nutrition and dental health education (brushing, flossing), and increased access to cleanings and treatments for Medicaid and uninsured patients (mid-level providers, higher reimbursement rates, dental homes and clinics).

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A Campaign Documentary from the U.K.

A determined group of residents in Bedford, UK have produced an excellent mini-documentary about their efforts to stop fluoridation and hold local officials accountable for their actions.

The veteran campaigners of Fluoride Free Bedford used new council procedural laws to the test, and were successful in postponing the approval of fluoridation, getting the Adult Services and Health Scrutiny committee to recommend the fluoridation scheme be “terminated”, and getting the council to go through a full public consultation prior to taking any future action.

Watch their video below, and visit their website for more info and videos about their campaign.

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Study Shows Water Has Memory: German Scientists Expand On Dr. Emoto’s Work

I remember sitting in the car driving into downtown Toronto with this really odd feeling in my gut – a mix of excitement and curiosity. We were heading to an interview that I had been looking forward to for a long time.

Of course, finding parking in Toronto is always an interesting challenge. Row after row, street after street, trying to find a spot that isn’t a one week walk away from your destination (and that also doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg) to leave your car for a few hours is, to put it mildly, pretty difficult.

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After an exhaustive search, we found that elusive not-too-far and not-too-costly spot. We got out of the car and began walking under the grey, cool sky towards the hotel where we were going to be interviewing Dr. Masaru Emoto – the man who claims that water contains memory and that our consciousness can impact it.

He was in town for a speaking event and we had the chance to privately interview him for a couple hours, offering us the amazing opportunity to hear about his work firsthand.

At this time, his research was finally being recognized in a big way by the mainstream and he was going to be having some very interesting high level conversations about it to move it forward. He was right on the verge of taking his work to a whole new level.

Just a few short weeks later, he passed away, on the cusp of his success.

Having sat with him in what very well may have been his last interview, I later thought to myself how disheartening it was that he died just before seeing his work truly flower.

The Memory of Water – h2o Remembers Everything

Science can be amazing, interesting and incredible. Watch as we show how water can have a memory. The memory of water allows it to know everything that it has come in contact with h2o from the ocean and sea through rivers and lakes.

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I really wanted to see his work fully explored at an openminded level which would allow for wonder and intrigue to exist in a study that could transform the way we view our reality.

You see, the scientific world has a culture which, inherently, has a difficult time accepting work like this. Why? Because things like this are hard to measure, and when we can’t fully measure and understand something in our modern scientific world, we are often afraid to study it and put our names on it.

The unfortunate reason for this is that materialistic science has simply become the new religion of today, in a number of ways

While that has provided a plethora of amazing insights and wisdom, it also limits our understanding of our world by disregarding things that may exist that we simply don’t understand yet or can’t access physically.

Emoto shared his thoughts on all of this as we interviewed him. Although he had received much ridicule from mainstream science for his work, the deeper spiritual understanding that came from his research helped him to stay humble and open to the transformation in the way people viewed his work as an inevitable part of the future.

And he was right there… it was ready to take off for him.

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Thankfully, people have been inspired by his work and have expanded upon it to find some amazing things about the data and information water carries.

New research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has a memory. This idea was first coined by French immunologist Dr. Jacques Benveniste in a controversial article published in 1988 in the journal Nature as a way of explaining how homeopathy works.

Later, others, including Dr. Emoto, took their hands and theories to this idea, all of which also proved controversial.

But recently another breakthrough has been brought forth and it comes with very interesting, reproducible results. The video clip below, from the Oasis HD Channel, shows some fascinating recent experiments involving water and memory.

It comes from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany. Although all aspects of the research you are about to see are intriguing, one thing that really struck me is the bit about different types of flowers being immersed in water and how the water keeps memory of that. Would this perhaps lend credence to the homeopathy theory?

More On Emoto’s Work

This is an excerpt taken from an article we published on Dec. 1st 2013 by Arjun Walia titled “If Human Thought Can Do This To Water – Just Imagine What It Can Do To Us.”

“The experiment I’m using in this article was conducted by Dean Radin, Ph.D., who is the Chief Scientist at IONS and Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University.

The experiment was done to measure how intention alone affects water crystal formation. Co-Investigators were Masaru Emoto, a Japanese energy scholar and author, along with a few other researchers and scientists.

The experiment tested the hypothesis that water exposed to distant intentions affects the aesthetic rating of ice crystals formed from that water.

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Basically, it tested whether intentions could influence the physical structure of water (as mentioned earlier). Over a period of three days, approximately 2000 people in Austria and Germany focused their intentions towards water samples that were placed inside an electromagnetically shielded room in California.

Other samples were located outside of the shielded room so that they could act as a distant control. Ice drops formed from multiple samples of water in different treatment conditions were photographed by a technician.

Each image was assessed for aesthetic beauty by over 2,500 independent judges and the results of the data were analyzed by individuals who were blind with respect to the treatment conditions.

Results showed that the test was consistent with a number of previous studies suggesting that intention may be able to influence the structure of water.

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