A visit to the farm 

Back before a new wave of government harassment of raw milk farms in late 2019 drove so many small farms to close, this is where we used to get our raw milk from.

Alt Energy Farm Co-op

Organic A2 Jersey cows, eating a full range of fresh feed including sunflowers, tritacale, clover, plantain, chicory and rye grass, produced milk that was exceptionally creamy and nice tasting.

This delicious, organic raw full cream, natural, real milk, used to come from Alt Energy farm. It cost $7 for 2 litres, and a half herd share was $50 (a half herd share is suitable for up to 4L per week) which you could sell back later if you ever wanted to, and a full share was $100.

The milk was transported to collection points throughout the Welling region, each week. 

But all this ended in February 2020, as the government drove this farm out of business even before the corona plandemic which gave the government the excuse they wanted to have a crack at driving everyone out of business.

You could see the cows by visiting the farm. Not any more…








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