My latest experryment: From April 1 2017 I stopped posting anything to see if it made any difference to the traffic on this site. For two weeks, it seemed to make none whatsoever. But then the traffic started dropping. OK so maybe Goofle do notice my updates. Or maybe they have changed some algorithm or something. Oh bugger it, I have no idea, but from today I’m going to start posting stuff again and see in the traffic starts increasing after a few weeks.

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On the 1st of April, just like the zionists who save up their false flags for special days, I tried some weird shit.

From time to time I do experiments with this website. Although I only started it on Nov 1 2015, this site has been pulling in over 1 million hits each week, but the truth is that’s not because of all the awesome content – it’s because of all the fake porn pages.

From January 1 2017 to March 31 2017 I posted something new every day. But I was wondering if anyone reads this stuff, or if all my hits areĀ  entirely from the porn pages.

It was time to do a new experiment. So I didn’t post any new content for a month.

Which was a good thing, because I was able to focus on doing bugger all.