Blogging has changed greatly from 2006 when I first did it to second time around in 2016. For me it used to be very much a separate thing from having a website, I was posting short random posts on my Blogger blog, and it was generally just a fleeting bunch of photos and comments that would take too long to put on my real websites. The sort of things that would now be posted on Facebook to disappear without trace in 48 hours.

WordPress has come a long way in 10 years, and now that we have moved our sites over to WordPress, rather than using Dreamweaver 2004, the blog component is a very useful and fairly advanced part of the site. I’m using it for a wide range of different uses:

To keep the site menu down to a manageable about of pages, I’m doing some new topics as posts that might previously have been pages, like Ankylosing Spondylitis and TAURINE

When I’m adding a new page, sometimes I do it as a blog post first, then post it later as its own webpage when I’m happy with it, such as WINDOWS 10.

In some cases I already have a completed page like FLUORIDE but potential updates keep coming in. Rather than updating and editing the page I can just quickly post the updates as their own blog posts such as MANDATORY POISONING OF THE ENTIRE NZ WATER SUPPLY and Fluoride: Worse than We Thought

When we have news or updates it’s a handy way to get the ball rolling, writing up an update that can later be shared by email or on social media, like NEW PHOTOS MAY 2016 and OUR NEW BIOKULT SITE IS NOW ONLINE


Sometimes I’m copying entire pages from other websites because I like the content – it’s a quick and easy way to incorporate more content into this site. A couple of examples are How Big Oil Conquered The World and TREATING CANCER BY WORKING WITH NATURE

Many of the post are ideas that popped into my head that I want to get online while they are still fresh like THE MARTIAN ANAL DIVISION and THE GREAT AMERICAN FART

Some of the posts are essentially just quick notes I’m saving for myself reminding me how to do things, such as Make crap pictures look OK and 10 Simple Steps to Better Photoshop Performance

There are a huge amount of old archived pages online that can be accessed using Wayback Machine. When I find pages I posted years ago I can copy them here as blog posts which is pretty cool. Like GOOBLE IS EVIL  and SIFT WEBSITE FROM 2003

And just like in the old days, a blog is still the best place to post random entertaining crap like VEGAN TATTOOING and SCROTUM SELF REPAIR


So, to me, the blog has now evolved into a really useful part of the overall website. I’m sure I’ll think of more uses for it, and essentially, now this site is set up, I’m likely to mostly use the blog section for new updates. Blog rolls have gone the way of bog rolls, but the blog as a section of the website is brilliant.

Blogging as it’s own separate entity and sub culture has certainly declined in popularity over the past decade, replaced to some extent by fleeting news feeds like Facebook and Twitter, but an easy to use blog section within a website for quick updates, is looking to me like one of the best developments in websites.