Now I don’t mean that in some sort of sicko pervert way – I mean I like my stuff to be organised like a Formula One workshop.

A few days ago I saw a really messy car, and that night had a nightmare about living in a house where every room was like that.

(This picture is not the actual car in question, but the car I freaked out about belongs to family member so I can’t really post my own photo or I might get a spanking)

Organising all my computer folders is always a bit of an ongoing project. When someone asks “do you have a selection of Adolf Hitler art in pink?” I want to be able to rapidly find all the pink Adolf pics in my collection!

One of the jobs I’ve been putting off for ages is updating my FROT website – it’s a bit of a mess, with out of date shit, dead links, menus that don’t work properly on phones (apparently 65% of web browsing is now done by numpties walking around looking at their phones), and bollocks that I wrote years ago that may be totally wrong.

It has become a backlogged pile of work to do rather that a creative space. So I want to set up a new SIFT website where I can focus on images.

But I do want to keep using the FROT site and get it up to date because there is a lot of good material on it even if nobody ever reads it.

I previously held an illusion that I could help to change the world by revealing the deep state programming of our overlords, when in reality, everything I have done online for the past 21 years amounts to little more than notes to myself, and random entertainment for a very small handful of readers.

There are people doing the revealing side of things far better than I could ever do. James Corbett’s two documentaries on oil are a brilliant example of that – he is a benchmark for researching and exposing all the deep secrets, and the Weston A Price Foundation cover food, health, and vaccinations very well.

How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World

So the best thing I can do is increase my support of people who are putting out the information that I want to promote. (It was James Corbett that got me into Steemit in August 2016 and I’ve been a Corbett Report subscriber for many years)

As well as conspiracy and health topics, I am also into humour and art. I respond best to images. Possibly being a right brained person with damage to the left side of my brain has left me in a unique position to respond to images. But whatever the reason, I dig pictures.

Why do a writing based website at all? It’s true that I find computer geek stuff incomprehensible and often stressful, and I am a very slow typist. But I see now that all my blog and website posts were always primarily notes to myself, and notes can be pretty handy sometimes.

Presenting my thoughts and images online gives me a motivation to do a better job with my notes. Which is probably the case for most people who do websites and blogs. We all tend to think our sites are being viewed by thousands of attentive readers, but in reality I suspect that the entire internet is much like Steemit turned out to be – mostly AI or fake accounts generating the traffic, while the majority of real people online are in total information overload, having been deliberately swept into an endless flow of distractions and mind programming.

For two years Steemit meant a lot to me, and I had a big improvement in the standard of my blogging. But when I eventually grasped that Steemit too was not all what it appeared to be, I was left a bit lost and vacant as far as blogging goes without my (mostly imaginary) audience to spur me on.

At this point I think my best solution in terms of blogging is to post my stuff, firstly on one of my two websites, FROT (currently having a big tidy up, and aiming to become primarily a blog) and SIFT (still setting this one up, aiming to be a collection of image galleries), and then to share it efficiently as possible on Steemit, and GAB.

I considered using all of these accounts. While these sites are all controlled to some extent, some good content gets through:

GAB (FROT) – https://gab.com/frot

GAB (SIFT) – https://gab.com/sift

MINDS (SIFT666) – https://www.minds.com/sift666

PINTEREST (WHEELS69) – https://www.pinterest.nz/wheels69/

STEEMIT (FROT) – https://steemit.com/@frot

STEEMIT (SIFT666) – https://steemit.com/@sift666

STEEMPEAK (SIFT666) – https://steempeak.com/@sift666

TWITTER (X) – https://twitter.com/X46003739

WORLD TRUTH MX (SIFT666) – https://www.worldtruth.mx/sift666/

Some sites like Instagram and Facebook are popular, but are just all out social programming. Dada is a cool idea but too hard to use (I can’t even log in to it anymore) so I don’t think it will take off. Twitter I don’t understand the popularity of at all – it’s full on information overload in an incomprehensible format.

So essentially Steemit and GAB are the only two sites I can be bothered looking at. Social media sites are all pretty meaningless – they either inspire of entertain you or they don’t, and that’s about it. And most of them do neither for me, so I’m best off to ignore them.

For a long while (a whole year) I looked at Steemit and tried to understand the scam – but ultimately I don’t – I like many aspects of the site structure, but have no fucking idea what has been going on with it or why it has been screwed over so badly. I saw some cool posts, and it inspired me to blog at a higher standard, so all I can do now is take that from it, and give up stressing about how fucked up it got.

And my plan with the FROT site:

As it is now, a lot of the content is out of date, the drop down menus don’t work on touch screens (now 65% of internet browsing), the menu system is no longer working properly anyway, the layout is too wide for mobile devices, and it needs to be a separate identity and purpose to my new SIFT site.

So I want to make the site into almost entirely a blog, and replace the drop down menus with subject home pages.

Each top menu link will open directly into a home page with a header image and intro at the top, a link to that blog category, then a menu to some some key pages and a few good pictures.

It will take some updating and rearranging, but by making most of it into a blog I can pretty much disappear the out of date content and raise any newer stuff to the surface. Unlike pages, posts are not expected to always be current – they are snapshots with a date.

So an out of date page like “Milk Submission 2011” will become an old WAPF blog post from 2016, the only update being an intro line: Our first submission on raw milk from 2011.

That way I don’t have to update hundreds of out of date pages, I just turn them into blog posts, and as I update old pages, I can update any still current ones as new posts, so the site which will become essentially a blog, rapidly goes from being an out of date website to a current and up to date blog.

The site logo will be changed from “FROT Design” to just “FROT” and like “SIFT” it will just be a meaningless four letter word. FROT will be my notes and writing blog, and SIFT my images galleries.

There – that was boring wasn’t it? Time for some funny shit:

FROT WEBSITE http://www.frot.co.nz

SIFT WEBSITE https://www.frot.co.nz/design/sift/

FROT BLOG https://www.frot.co.nz/design/blog

GAB FROT https://www.gab.com/frot

STEEMIT FROT https://steemit.com/@frot

STEEMIT SIFT666 https://steemit.com/@sift666