Life in censorship free New Zealand.

A lot of people have the idea that New Zealand is a land of free speech. That delusion is as widely believed here in gullible old NZ as anywhere else. But after 22 years of being a “conspiracy theorist” in NZ, I am not very attached to the idea.

Last year we received notification from our website hosting provider that due to government directives, if we posted any information about X on our websites our account would be shut down. The censored subject was a massive deception that I would have liked to expose online, but sometimes valor is the better part of discretion. In NZ the sheep are not always censored but lots of woolly fuckers do get eaten.

It was no great surprise that out domain name http://www.frot.co.nz  was blocked by Facebook. It was more unexpected to find that last night (Saturday night in New Zealand) our entire domain had suddenly disappeared from the internet. Maybe it really was a random technical error. But then again, maybe it wasn’t.

Possibly our NZ based provider was hacked by the powers that shouldn’t be and the http://www.frot.co.nz URL got disconnected somehow. All our other domains and sites on the same account were working fine. Sunday is not a good day to get this sort of stuff fixed, but we are up and running again now.

Posting content about health issues like fluoridation, vaccination, vitamin c, 5G and the corona “pandemic” is not government approved. We have all our sites backed up and are looking into options for more secure and censorship resistant hosting. Any feedback about that most welcome.

Most of our hits come from the totally corrupt google search engine, and holy crap do those pricks make our pages hard to find. Our hits are less that 10% of what they were three years ago. But nothing beats just making our domain just disappear for a while!

When it comes to all this geek stuff I’m like those people who learn late in life that vegetable peelers work both ways, and then get all excited and post their new wisdom on Twitter where they are mocked by people who know all that stuff already.

While we still can in the internet NWO I’m going to post as much verboten content online as possible, to a variety of locations. That is going to include posting more of the content from our websites onto Hive. I don’t want to draw the attention of any angry cheetah bots so will include a footer on my copy and paste saying I copied the content from our own website. It’s not about all those $1 post payouts (although I am getting a buzz out of making big gains on my Hive tokens at the moment) – it’s about getting information onto censorship resistant platforms.