Why do I post this stuff?

These are things that for one reason or another I thought worth posting on the net. I eat meat regularly and am not a communist, a pornstar, a rubber fetishist, or an American.

Hopefully not too many people will hate me for speaking out…

My aim with most of my posts is to present complex issues in a way that is easier to understand than many of the sources of my information were. If anything here site offends you, it’s probably because you are a misinformed cretin…

Robert Anton Wilson once said: “My goal is to try to get people into a state of generalised agnosticism, not about God alone but agnosticism about everything” – and I think maybe that’s a goal I aspire to as well.

I realise that many of things on this site are viewpoints that would cause the indoctrinated citizen some stress if they seriously entertained the idea that they were in any way true. And focusing on what we don’t want does tend to make those things come about. So be chill.

Rather than getting worked up, my hope is that someone somewhere will go away and check my arguments and/or assertions for themselves – and who knows what might happen.

A brief history of www.frot.co.nz

Around 2002 I set this site up to post some pages about the 911 con job – at the time most people went for the official story hook line and sinker, and I got some interesting legal threats from American lawyers. I didn’t use my real name and didn’t respond to legal emails. Eventually around 2006 I took most of the 911 stuff off the site – not because any of it was wrong, but because the pile of evidence was so huge by then I didn’t have time to write a decent summary of it, and I couldn’t be arsed discussing it. If anyone didn’t grasp that 911 was a false flag operation within five years, I’m just not patient enough to cope with them.

Although this site has less visitors now, back around 2005 it was getting pretty good traffic. Hidden in the code were thousands of misspelt words, such as 600 misspellings of Briteny Speers. It worked like a charm until one day G00sle black listed our domain. Overnight our real online business suddenly got very hard to find. These days the FROT site has dropped from thousands of hits a day to hundreds – but maybe I’m just too paranoid, and it’s really because the site sucks…


Where have all the tag words gone?

We used to hide them in the code, and back in 2005 the “deviunt prevert with a semi list” was pulling in serious hits

But because our hidden tags contravened Gooble’s “guidelines” they black listed our entire domain – www.frot.co.nz – meaning that none of the sites on our server got many search hits anymore. So in order to get the sites back into the mighty Goosle engine we pulled some pages offline altogether, and edited others.

These days I’ve mostly stopped using tags to get hits. I know the people still seek porn, and the some of the searches we used to get did crack me up, but I’ve lost interest in porn tags!

Copyright – Yeah right!

This is the internet – do what you like with it. Information wants to be free. Once something is posted on the net it’s like tossing a bottle in the sea – who knows where it will end up…

Feel free to recycle anything on this site – some of it may even be original and a credit to www.sift.co.nz would be much appreciated. Wherever possible I have left in credits for the sources of the material I have ripped off, and that to me is all cool – I realise not everyone agrees with that, but as I am often trying to show on this website, there are usually two sides to most arguments. (And the other side is generally wrong)

A lot of people will avoid reading about this stuff like their sanity depends on it. And for many people it does, so in those cases it’s probably better that they avoid reading this site all together.

I really admire anyone who can take this stuff on board, but not freak out about it, and who can see the big picture, and undaunted, go on to make a difference in their own way!


Many of the photos on this site were taken by me, using small Canon digital cameras. To see more photos, or to read the opinions of a complete punter with a cheap pocket camera, see the the photos section.



It just wouldn’t be the same without some arse now would it? Wear your arse with pride, and remember that every time you replace the word ass on the internet with the word arse, an American somewhere gets confused and forgets to shoot someone. This is how the world changes.

Arguing is retarded

Sometimes people email me to say that they don’t believe a word I say, so I must be a moron, or that they would like to have an argument – I usually just send them back this pic:

“One man’s floor is another man’s ceiling” – The Beastie Boys

“No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!” . . . Ralph Gleason

Occasionally, we make pictures and march in the streets

Not often though, because there are a lot of climate change believers out there in the streets…