Cranberry Sauce

Turns roast turkey, chicken or duck into a Christmas treat.

This is an easy sauce, made from the recipe on the frozen cranberry bag, but using natural sweeteners instead of sugar.

  • 1 cup frozen cranberries
  • 1 tart apple, peeled and grated
  •  Juice of one orange
  •   Zest of half the orange
  • a bit under 1 cup rapadura, shakkar or muscavado sugar

Simmer berries, juice, zest and sugar together till sugar melts and glazes the berries, and berries are hot. Add grated apple. Simmer lightly for 5 minutes. Put into blender and pulse blend until berries are broken up but still chunky. Serve at once. Or make ahead of time, store in the fridge or freezer till needed, and reheat. It’s also good cold.

Use the leftover turkey and leftover sauce to make a yummy meatloaf.

GAPS friendly version:

Replace the sugar with 1/2 cup honey. After pulsing, taste and add more honey if needed.