Does Steemit still have an upside after all?

After venturing onto pretty much no social media platforms other than Steemit for nearly three years, recently I’ve been out exploring the wilderness.

I’m not going to get into all the reasons why I haven’t been a happy little Steemian lately here, because I want to be more positive today in this post. (Louise Hay told me to creatively visualize!)

First I’ll mentions a few other platforms I checked out that were interesting:

DISCORD is quite handy for private (if anything online is really private) chat, and although it’s a bit complex, it is well set up. I only use it for fast communication with a few friends, and don’t aim to expand beyond that (hence not publicizing my own account) but it does work pretty well.

POCKETNET is very new blockchain that gives users an equal say in the voting, and has no whales. It needs more development, but it’s only been going a month, and improvements are rapidly happening. It’s new and has a good vibe. I am using it, and hope to see it continue growing

Frot on Pocketnet

TWITTER locked me out of my original account about five years ago, and I have recently set up a new account, but that is really just to suss it out, and to follow one or two specific people – it does have a lot of members and some good stuff manages slip through the sea of crap, but I’m not a big fan of Twatter, so I won’t mention my new account URL here (and no, it isn’t Frot!).

GAB totally cracks me up because it shreds libtards and has heaps of funny pictures and memes. I share and repost a few funny pictures on my GAB page here:

Frot on GAB)

FROT.CO.NZ – My own website and blog is a place where I feel like I can post what I feel like and not have to look over my shoulder, and there is some pretty good stuff on there. It has 722 pages and has racked up over 10 million hits!

My page mocking America is very popular:

Now then, back to STEEMIT. What does Steemit still have going for it?

People – even if only about 10% of my favourite Steemians are still posting – there is still the bonus of catching up with them.

Content – there are several people I follow who post content I really want to keep up to date with – they do share it in other places but Steemit can work well as a newsfeed.

The website – after three years I know my way around the Steemit website, and I find it fast and convenient.

Blog sharing – one of my favourite handy extras is being able to directly share my WordPress blog posts using Steempress. That is a fairly new feature and I really like it.

Getting paid – although it’s ancient history now, the demise of this has been the hardest part for me to get over. But if I can post on other sites and get no payouts, why can’t I accept Steemit as just another unpaid social media site? OK, I do miss the payouts, but that wasn’t really my deepest motivation for using the site.

Inspiration – This was my deepest motivation all along. Although I haven’t seen much to inspire me on Steemit for the past six months, that doesn’t have to stop me from trying to post some good content myself. We are still free to share some good content, and can choose to ignore any other bullshit that may be going on. Yes, I was pretty pissed off about all the flagging and negativity, but if I take a deep breath and choose to forget or ignore it, maybe there is still room for worthwhile content and comments.

So I’ll cease my moaning and bleating from this point and keep an open mind. I don’t know how any of this will play out, but I’ll drop my expectations from now on and do my best to treat Steemit like a new platform. We are OK. (well some of us are). Thanks for all the good posts.