When I was researching my post on male genitalia recently – COCK –  the thing that freaked me out the most was not the size of a Tapir’s whopping great cock. It was the fact that so many American websites censor the word “cock”. They write “c__k” for fucks sake…

And that brought home to me how Americanised Steemit also is. Because Steemit is so dominated by American views and sensibilities the rest of us are subconsciously shaping everything we say to not offend the American majority. Because those pricks have all the money!

It is said that one of the big differences between Aussies and Kiwis, is that Aussies say “cunt” when they mean “mate”, and “mate when they mean “cunt”

Now, I’m a Kiwi, and I would use “cunt” around here a lot more, if I wasn’t trying to avoid offending Americans. And if I manage to confuse some Aussies, good, I love confusing those cunts! But I’ll just spell this out here – when a Kiwi says “cunt” they mean cunt.

So if I want to talk about fags, trannies, libtards, cocks, and arses, but I’m censoring myself because some cunts might get offended, fuck that shit, it’s time I stopped being a limp dick and told all those cunts where to go.

And this brings me to my real point. The other way that self censorship on Steemit works is that this is a hierarchical system and we all have to bow down before those with more $. Just like real life… A few minutes ago I posted a comment, slightly mocking someone I disagree with. But straight away I realised I hadn’t checked, so I had a look at the cunts wallet – it was 50,000 SP! – boy did I delete my comment fast!

Last year I watched one of my Steemit friends get flagged off the platform by a whale with a personal vendetta – and now I think I’m watching another who is possibly going to end up the same way. And it fucks me off!

Right now something is going on on Steemit that I’ve never seen the likes of in nearly 2 1/2 years. A scam artist called @thedorkoverload has set up a new account, and like those cunts who send spam emails saying “your bank account has been hacked and you need to change your log in”, this clown is saying “give me shit loads of money and I will reveal some bullshit relating to an out of date conspiracy”

That is not what is freaking me out – it’s all the Steemians with big wallets actively upvoting and supporting this rip-off cunt (or cunts plural). And because we are all scared to offend these orcas and whales we are too chickenshit to say boo.

So I’ll say it here: @thedorkoverload is a blatant scam account and you cunts who believe this shit have just been suckered the best bitch slap in the history of Steemit. Wake up for fucks sake!