This account has a bit of history on Steemit and I’ve had a few run ins with stuck up little wankers.

Back in August 2016 I started going hard out on Steemit and did a lot of posting. On this account I’ve always had a take no prisoners and suck no dicks attitude, and sometimes that got me flagged, blacklisted, unfollowed, and occasionally hassled by whales.

So when I decided to start doing some posting as @sift666 again a few months ago I couldn’t be arsed with flagging, or claims of plagiarising that might come up if I reposted my own old Steemit and WordPress blog content, so I turned off the rewards on @sift666 and had a crack at getting back some of my old attitude when the financial aspect of blogging was removed.

But one of the side effects of having the rewards turned off is a big drop not just in voting but also in comments. I have multiple Hive accounts and make most of my earnings from curation rather than author rewards. So earning money from my posts is not a big motivator, but sharing them around with more readers is!


So for 2021 I’m going to turn the rewards for @sift666 back on and start sharing some content that I think is good. I will be copying posts from my WordPress blog, some of which is not my own original content (often with only minor editing and some extra images added), along with updated versions of some of my old Steemit posts. I’ll include a quick intro and one of my own pictures at the top of each post to get things hot and spicy, and include links back to the originals.

Get ready for the next wave!