If you are used to driving about in a half decent car and one day you wake up and find yourself in a shitbox, quite understandably you feel jaded. You might moan and bleat, and then toss your keys in the bushes and walk off muttering stuff like “fuck this for a joke”.

But if you never had a car and you were loaned an electric scooter you might get all excited, and think you had found transportation nirvana. And although you might be a bit of a clueless numpty, you might be a lot more entertaining to hang out with than a miserable cunt who keeps tossing his keys about and muttering.

Yes, that is a feeble analogy for my latest Steemit experiment.

From a starting point of  “the platform is totally screwed, my friends have all left, there is no decent content anymore, everything gets flagged, the only accounts that comment are fake, and there are no payouts”, things went much better than expected. If you are a jaded ex-dolphin,  I highly recommend that sort of starting point.

So I turned Steempress on and started sharing my blog posts again. Turns out about half a dozen of my Steemit friends are still on the platform and they called me an Aussie tranny and told me to get a life.

One of my friends challenged me to a race to 5000SP and I accepted as long as he made it a half arsed 2500SP

To my amazement I stumbled upon some pretty good content – we are not talking Steemit circa 2017 here, but better than reading the comments on Youube.

And I even got some small post payouts – not quite $50 a post or anything, but one of them did get over $5 – I was expecting sub 10 cents per post so was quite surprised by that.

All in all it’s been a pretty reasonable week. Yeah, I know all it will take is a bunch of fake accounts to start flagging me, and I’ll be tossing my keys and muttering again, but it went OK.