I am going Hardcore…

Blogging is just too anal these days

Back in 2009 I had a Blogger blog, and this is a quick copy and paste of some posts from it – it was random and easy, like a cheap slut. I liked those days, when blogging was more fun and less anal

Being shit wins hands down

Sometimes I get the feeling that for a lot of people, if it comes down to being liked vs. knowing the difference between shit and chewed dates, being liked wins hands down…

On this page I’m posting random images and the odd sentence, in the hope that more people will like me.

Hot football fans

Brazil fan

I’m not a football fan myself, but I had to post these pics to show how hot English chicks are…

Liverpool fan

The other ones

it’s been said that there are two types of people – those who believe there are two types of people, and those that don’t….

Wig out dude

Andre Agassi released an autobiography titled, “Open: An Autobiography,” in November 2009. In it, Agassi admited to using and testing positive for methamphetamine in 1997, and that his distinctive long hair was actually a wig; in Agassi’s opinion, his defeat in the 1990 French Open final was partly due to issues with the wearing of the wig.


For anyone into joining dots, this is one of the 911 dots

Beyond hot and cold

Is it possible to be beyond hot and beyond cool at the same time? – Joan Jett blazing up with Deborah Harry!

Chewing on a Muslim

Alpha romeo have an odd logo – The man in the serpents mouth is called a biscione, and is a Saracen or Moor (aka: a Muslim)

They make cool looking cars that break down, so I guess its appropriate that they have a cool looking logo that may be a bit dodgy under scrutiny…

Naked chicks on bicycles 

Thanks to these photos from San Francisco  now I can blog about naked chicks and cycling in one quick post, so I can reduce my blogging time down from the 8 hours a week I’m spending at the moment 🙂 


Heavy Handbag

I’ve seen the light – drum and bass is better than heavy metal – I’m going to give up metal and become a baseler!

My blogging is a bit intermittent because by the time I’ve updated all my social media acounts I’m always busting to take a big dump and twitter about it before i get started on weapons and warcraft – I think I might start a discussion board for people whose blogs are suffering because of addictions to online puppeteering

Hot tranny action

Jeepers I don’t even know what the hell this is but it freaks the crap out of me so its bloggable

Got Up

Got up early, did 2 hours of yoga, went for a walk to the gym, went for a swim in the sea naked, ate a tofu salad, joined greenpeace, paid for some software online, gave myself an enema, with lentils, bought a korean car on trade me, listened to the new britney spears album, and…oh yeah, took a photo of the sun rising…

The “peak oil” con

It would take a pretty big pile of dead dinosaurs to account for the estimated 660 billion barrels of oil in the Middle East. I don’t know what the precise dinosaur-carcass-to-barrel-of-oil conversion rate is, but it does seem like it would take a hell of a lot of dead dinosaurs. Even if we generously allow that a single dinosaur could yield 50 barrels of oil (let’s run with that for now), more than 130 billion dinosaurs would have had to be simultaneously entombed in just one small region of the world.
But were there really hundreds of billions of dinosaurs roaming the earth? If so, then one wonders why there is all this talk now of overpopulation and scarce resources, when all we are currently dealing with is a few billion humans populating the same earth.

Hotter Babes

Jessica Biel

Scarlett Johansson

aka: Scarlett Johanson; Scarlet Johansson,Skarlett Johnson; Scarlett Johansen; Scarlett Johanssen Two movies worth seeing are “The Illusionist” staring Jessica Biel, and “The Prestige” staring Scarlett Johansson – both historical movies about magicians with cool plot twists – see I didn’t just put these pics because they are hot babes!

The real moon landing

It’s a good job advances in graphics software have made it possible to recreate fake moon landing footage…or else people might think that NASA lost the original “footage” on purpose….
And then they might think the moon landing was a con job…like swine flu or 911 or y2k or the property bubble or global warming, or rising sea levels or vaccinations or tamiflu or peak oil or … oh shit I’m turning into a damn pedophile….
But isn’t it cool how that flag flutters in the breeze and casts no shadow….yeah that’s awesome!


Great to see there’s a few people who are awake
Global warming has to be the biggest con in years, but holy crap the suckers are lining up to hand al gore some cash for it

Fat man gallery

A gallery of abstract explorations of the new phat man
Phatness in purple – the new beige

Excess baggage

“Being overweight sometimes limits what you can do.”

The porn star fat man – Ron Jeremy

The demise of the fat man

Say goodbye to fat with commander undies

A bozo loses it

If he had just worn some studded leather speedos this guy would have been styling….

Fluoride makes people docile and stupid

A NWO PLOT:fluoride makes people docile and stupid, and therefore easier to control. it’s no good for teeth at all – that’s a load of horseshit – and why since 1945? – because the nazis found it great in their trails on concentration camp victims, and English speaking nations controlled by the USA have dosed their sheeple with it since the end of WWII

For Americans only

Remember the last time you made pancakes? No? Well, let us remind you: it ended in sadness and confusion because you simply couldn’t crank out the insane volume of pancakes you wanted / needed. Well, the ChefStack is here to help. It’s a giant, automated machine with internal rollers, and its entire purpose is to do nothing but make pancakes (roughly 200 per hour). Using pre-filled bags of batter, this dude does all the work while you sit by

R U in charge ov yr own headspace?

It’s highly unlikely, but this may be double spin so watch your back….

“Public Opinion” is in reality carefully crafted and scripted propaganda designed to elicit a desired behavioral response from the public. Public opinion polls are really taken with the intent of gauging the public’s acceptance of the Illuminati’s planned programs. A strong showing in the polls tells the Illuminati that the programing is “taking”, while a poor showing tells the NWO manipulators that they have to recast or “tweak” the programming until the desired response is achieved

Quick, forget that thought before you go fruitloops – here’s a pic of Shannon Elizabeth to distract you….


It suddenly hit me that there is a perfect female match for a LOMBARD (Lots Of Money But A Real Dickhead) – HABATS – Hot As But A Total Slapper. Lately I’ve been posting so many pichers of fat nekid dudes that I’m grossed myself out, so here’s a pic of the ultimate HABATS – Jennifer Lopez

And here is a pic of her arse, so don’t say this blog is all about fat men!


Deborah Harry: “I wish I would have invented sex”

Toe to toe
Dancing very slow
Barely breathing
Almost comatose
Wall to wall
People hypnotized
And they’re stepping lightly
Hang each night in Rapture

Types of aliens

according to 80’s ufo expert bill cooper, there are four types of aliens:

2.greys with big noses
3.tall blonde nordic types
4.”orange ones”

Awesome bogan car action


I’d rather have a purple rod though

Why is my sister?

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Things that can happen if you cut out “healthy whole grains”

 I always appreciate a useful search suggestion from Google




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