Egg Nog

Savoury egg nog

A savoury option that is very soothing on a cold day for breakfast, or any time. This is good for someone with a small appetite at breakfast. Others might need something else as well.

  • Whisk up a raw, free range egg or 2 yolks in a large glass or mug.
  • Add a cup hot beef or chicken stock and whisk some more.
  • Optional: Play with adding different spices

Creamy egg nog

Or go for a more traditional egg nog recipe.

  • Whisk up a raw, free range egg or 2 yolks.
  • Gently warm a cup of raw milk, cream, nut milk or diluted coconut cream.
  • Add to the egg, along with a scant tsp of natural sweetener, and a dash of vanilla essence and whisk some more.
  • Pour into a mug, sprinkle a pinch of nutmeg on top and drink while still warm.

Festive Egg Nog

Add a little rum or brandy to the Creamy Egg Nog for a Christmas treat