Lamb’s fry (Liver) recipes

Allow about 100g (4 oz) per person. Remove the membrane, if it’s still there. Slice very thinly. Panfry in melted butter (or ghee, coconut oil, or meat fat) for a couple of minutes each side, till lightly browned and just cooked through. Don’t overcook or it will become bitter and tough.

  • Serve with tomatoes pan-fried in butter, and either buttered toast or leftover starchy veges from last night’s dinner.

Liver and bacon

  • If you’re a Protein type, or just love it, add some bacon

Liver and onions

Serves 2

Liver and Onions is a rather old fashioned dish, but it’s simple, economical and tasty, especially when put with a sweet vegetable like pumpkin or kumera. The sweetness of the veges offsets the stronger taste of the liver and makes a good combination. Grass fed, organic lamb’s liver is best.

First, prepare your vegetables.

  • If you’re in a hurry, go for mashed pumpkin. Chop up into small pieces and cut the skin off. Boil up in some salted, filtered water while cooking the liver and onions. Drain well and mash with a large dollop of butter and some paprika.
  • If you’ve got a bit more time, roast some vegetables. Chop up pumpkin as above, or some kumara, or any combination of pumpkin, kumara, toka toka, parsnip or potato. Toss them in some good fats – chicken fat, lard, tallow, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil – and some sea salt. Bake at around 200C (400F) for 30-45 minutes, depending on how big you cut them.

Chop an onion in half, then slice each half thinly. Cook up in a fry pan with a generous amount of butter or duck fat, till softened. Meanwhile, slice the liver (200gm or 7-8oz for two people) as thinly as you can. Cut each piece in half, so you end up with pieces that are roughly 3-4 cm by 3-4 cm, and maybe 1/3 cm thin. Push the onions to one side, add a little extra butter and fry up the liver quickly on both sides, till just browned. You want the liver just cooked, so that it doesn’t get tough. Mix the onions through, add a dash of sea salt, and serve straight away with the vegetables. This is quite a rich dish, so a green side salad goes with it nicely.


  • Add some garlic to the onions
  • Marinate liver in lemon juice for a few hours
  • Cut bigger slices. Dip in beaten egg or melted butter, then in seasoned ground almonds. Serve the onions on the side, instead of mixed together.