TRANSVESTIGATIONS INTO THE WILD SIDE – TRANNIES, TRANNIES EVERYWHERE… For me this realisation started out around 2012 when I suddenly said “Hang on, that gay guy whose name is really Barry Soetoro, is married to a man in a dress who Americans keep calling the “first lady” But that man in a dress is an ex […]


Fluoride – our water supply is being poisoned There are so many myths and assumptions surrounding putting fluoride in water that in a heavily fluoridated country like New Zealand, many people go into a state of incredulous disbelief if they are told that our water supply is being poisoned. While the issue of whether fluoride […]


911 WAS ONE HELL OF A GOOD SCAM Today’s “conspiracy” is tomorrow’s common knowledge, and while most people now grasp that 911 was a false flag, back in 2002 many didn’t, and some of them got quite worked up about it. In 2001 I was doing a bit of share trading, and was aware of […]

Sir Faul McCartney

Just how many Paul McCartney’s are there? A bizarre cover up that I find endlessly fascinating is the story of The Beatles. And a major part of that story was the replacement of Paul McCartney. Because the man (or men) now known as “Sir Paul McCartney” sure as hell is ( or are) not the […]

Vaccination’s false premise

It has been long known that both germ theory and vaccinations are utter bullshit. But this latest virus plandemic scam brings home yet again that most people just don’t understand the basics… Like much other medical information published over 60 years ago, the classic anti-vaccination book “The Poisoned Needle” by Eleanor McBean (1957) reveals many […]