DIETNET is getting an update!

DIETNET Gets all up to date – We are in the process of updating the DietNet website. Much of the site was out of date, with very few updates having been done from 2005 to 2015.

Although most of the site had become pretty much just an archive, we’d really like to get the site all updated firing along again. It used to be quite popular, and we think there is a lot of good information in here.

It also ties in with our business,

To start with we have switched the site over from Dreamweaver to WordPress, which makes it more mobile friendly, and a lot easier for us to update.

Next we are going through the pages updating them by order of popularity – there are over 100 pages so this may take us a while.

We are going to redirect to the new site, even though all the pages are not 100% checked and updated. This is because we want the search engines to start seeing our new site as soon as possible.

Then we will add a lot more pictures to the pages.

And later we will add new content, some of it as blog posts, and some as new pages. This will be an ongoing process.