What on Earth are Salicylates and are you allergic to them?

Are you reacting to some healthy foods, or is salicylate sensitivity a con job? This isn’t what I was going to write about today. It wasn’t even on my list of possible future topics. But when inspiration strikes (in the shower, again) you just have to go with the flow. […]

Mandatory Poisoning of the NZ water supply

NZ GOVERNMENT IS HAVING ANOTHER CRACK AT MANDATORY POISONING OF THE ENTIRE NZ WATER SUPPLY New Zealand Threatened With Fluoridation Mandate New Zealand Health Minister Jonathan Coleman will introduce a bill later this year that will shift responsibility and decision making from the local councils to the District Health Boards […]

Fluoride – our water supply is being poisoned

There are so many myths and assumptions surrounding putting fluoride in water that in a heavily fluoridated country like New Zealand, many people go into a state of incredulous disbelief if they are told that our water supply is being poisoned. While the issue of whether fluoride reduces dental decay […]

Dangers of Microwaves

Being a keen adopter of new gadgets, I was quick to embrace microwave cooking way back as the 80s. Admittedly, the food didn’t taste as good, but this seemed a small price to pay for speed and convenience. I even remember once taking a microwave away on holiday, because back […]