Bottled Water

For those of us in Western countries, it’s so easy to just turn on the tap and get some reasonably ok tasting drinking water. We know that it’s comparatively clean and we’re not in any danger of waterborne diseases. But that guarantee does come at a cost. It means our […]

What on Earth are Salicylates and are you allergic to them?

Are you reacting to some healthy foods, or is salicylate sensitivity a con job? This isn’t what I was going to write about today. It wasn’t even on my list of possible future topics. But when inspiration strikes (in the shower, again) you just have to go with the flow. […]

GAPS Diet – Part 3 – the yummy foods you CAN have!

Can healing your gut help your mental & psychological, digestive, allergy or autoimmune issues? Before reading this post, you probably need to go and read: • Part 1 – an intro to the GAPS diet. • Part 2 – the foods that need to be avoided and why OK, if […]

GAPS diet – Part 2: which foods to avoid, and why

Can GAPS help people with autism and other mental, digestive, allergy or autoimmune issues? If you’re on the autism spectrum, we talked about why you might want to do this diet in Part 1 – an intro to the GAPS diet. If you have any other mental or psychological issues, […]