Arts on Prescription

This morning two items came up on my Facebook feed about the health benefits of participating in the arts.

One of them was a study on the benefits of group drumming specifically.

The other was about patients who were “prescribed” an hour a week in a variety of arts classes or groups including painting, music, dance, tai chi. The classes are run by HamondCare’s Centre for Positive Ageing and Care, and participants report huge benefits in their mental well being, just from one hour a week. Watch the video here.

If you search for arts prescription on You Tube, you’ll find a bunch of other videos showing how people are benefiting from Arts programs in various areas, so it’s not an isolated instance. There is also a Ted Talk by Marilyn Scott explaining how art can make you feel better, and why. She also talks about how hospital visits are reduced, and how much better carers are able to cope.

Are you bringing some form of art or creativity into your week?

If not, what calls out to your spirit?

It could be painting, drawing, crafts, music, drumming, singing, dance, writing, theatre, clowning, tai chi, laughter yoga or more.

Make the time, find the money – this is important for your health.


Wellington Community Choir, in concert, 2015.

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