Bottled Water

For those of us in Western countries, it’s so easy to just turn on the tap and get some reasonably ok tasting drinking water. We know that it’s comparatively clean and we’re not in any danger of waterborne diseases.

But that guarantee does come at a cost. It means our water will contain chlorine, for killing
“bad” bugs, and may also contain fluoride. I understand why chlorine is put in the water, and it’s fairly easy to filter out, so that’s not too much of an issue. But fluoride is VERY hard to filter out, and often the filtering process puts aluminium into the water.

So if we live in an area where “the powers that be” have decided to put fluoride in the water, it’s tempting to just go out and buy bottles water. But even that has to be carefully checked. Not all bottles water is free of fluoride.

I recently came across a good list of which bottled waters contain fluoride and which don’t. The full list will be more applicable to people in the US and you can see that a bit further down the page.

For those of us in NZ

NZ spring water

These ones all say they are natural NZ spring water.

  • Antipodes – NZ aquifer water, some say best in the world, one of our favourites. There website says: Antipodes water is exceptionally pure and needs only a simple microfiltration before bottling. No sterilisation, no additives, no industrial cleansing and processing. Our bottling line is state of the art and our quality testing rigorous – their sole purpose is to ensure the water in our bottles is unaltered from the purity of its origins. We bottle only Antipodes at our source – nothing more and nothing less.”
  • AquaZeal – A Naturally Pure NZ brand, sourced in Canterbury. Their website says: “We bottle our water at source to ensure its natural purity.”
  • Kiwi Blue – owned by Coca Cola. Sourced from the Blue Spring in the Kaimai ranges.
  • One Pure – from their website: “OnePure water is a fantastic, living water source. The water is alkaline which helps to rebalance our often acidic modern diets and reduce acid reflux, reduce fatigue, protect bones, support the immune system, and generally support a healthy mind and body. Drinking alkaline water is also recommended for supporting sufficient oxygen transportation in the blood – a little change in pH can make a big difference.
    The quality of OnePure water has New Zealand athlete and nutritionist Kaytee Boyd’s seal of approval. Kaytee’s career spans over 20 years in the health industry and she is a strong supporter of OnePure mineral water for health and well being.”
  • NZ Natural – From the Frucor website: “Deep beneath the Southern Alps of New Zealand, subterranean rock filters our mineral water for over 50 years to make it pristinely pure. By tapping this water at source, Frucor has created one of New Zealand’s purest mineral water brands, NZ Natural – Southern Alps purity.”
  • Premium NZ Trading Co (sparkling) – one of my personal favourites. The bottle says bottles at Kauri Spring in Northland.
  • Pump – owned by Coca Cola. Sourced from the Blue Spring in the Kaimai ranges.
  • Signature Range – Supplied by NZ Quality Waters and sources from the Putaruru Spring.
  • Spring Fresh – A Naturally Pure NZ brand, sourced in Canterbury. Their website says: “We bottle our water at source to ensure its natural purity.”
  • Waiwera – From their website: “Drawn from deep beneath the earth’s crust, Waiwera Water has been a New Zealand treasure for centuries. Some 1.5 kilometres below the tranquil Waiwera Valley lies one of the South Pacific’s main geothermal aquifers. Carbon dating reveals this water to be approximately 15,000 years old (based on independent carbon analysis by the Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd – the New Zealand Crown Research Institute), which makes our artesian water one of the oldest in the world.”
  • Water For Everyone – Says it’s spring water, but I don’t know where from.

Other NZ water

  • Pure Dew – Ultra distilled, so I wouldn’t recommend it, unless there is a specific reason you need distilled.


  • Acqua Panna – The list below says: low or none
  • Perrier – not on the list below. Their website says: “PERRIER Sparkling Natural Mineral Water has delighted generations of beverage seekers for over 150 years, with its unique blend of distinctive bubbles and balanced mineral content. Originating in France, its effervescent spirit is known worldwide.”
  • San Pellegrino – The list below says: low or none
  • Santa Vittoria – not on the list blow. Their website says: “Santa Vittoria acqua minerale is bottled at the source in the Dolomite Mountains, Northern Italy, and extracted from deep within the mountain rock at a constant year round temperature of 8 degrees celcius.”

The full list at says:

Bottled water brands that contain little to no fluoride

A Better Water
Agromas Natural Mineral Water
American Fare
American Star
Aqua Fresca
Aqua Panna
Aqua Pure
Aquarius Natural Mineral Water
Arbor Springs
Arlington Springs
Aquafina Water
Aqua Systems
Aqua Von
Artesian Wells
Augusta Medical – Daniels
Badger Water
Besco Pure Premium Drinking Water
BIOTA Colorado Pure Spring Water
Black Berry Farms
Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
Callaway Blue
Century Springs
Chippewa Spring Water
Citi Stop
Classic Selection
Clearly Arctic
Clear Mountain Spring Water
Clover Company Limited
Cold Country
Cohutta Mountain Spring Water
Cowboy Squeeze
Crowne Plaza Drinking Water
Crowne Plaza Natural Mineral Water
Cruel Jacks Spring Water
Crystal Mountain Spring Water
Crystal Point
Crystal Ridge
Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water
Culligan Water
Dakota Splash
Deep Rock
Deep Rock Crystal Drop
Deep Rock Fontenelle
Deja Blue
Desert Quench
East Phils
Eco Quest
Equatorial Natural Mineral Water
Essentia Water
E Water
Family Pantry
Famous Ramona Water
Flowing Springs
Food Club
Founders Square Bank
Fresh Brands Artesian
Fresh Brands Distilled Water
Fresh Brands Drinking Water
Fresh Market
Glacier Bay
Glen Summit Springs Water
Glen Summit Distilled Water
Glenwood Inglewood
Gordon Food Service
Great Bear
Great Value
Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water
Hillcrest Distilled Water
Hillcrest Drinking Water
Hillcrest Spring Water
Hilton PJ Natural Mineral Water
Hinckley Springs
Hi-Sprint Drinking Water
Hi-Sprint Natural Mineral Water
Hog Wash
Hon Less Natural Mineral Water
Ice Jam
Istana Natural Mineral Water
Joe Muggs
Joe Ragan’s Pure Water
Junior Johnson
Just Squeezed
KLGCC Natural Mineral Water
Kroger Bottled Water (Reverse Osmosis)
Krystal J Artesian Water
Krystal J Distilled Water
Leroy Jenkins Ministries
Logansport Savings Bank
Masafi Pure Natural Mineral Water
Mercurio Produce
Mesra Drinking Water
Mesra Natural Mineral Water
Misty Mountain
Monadnock Mountain Spring Water
Mountain Energy
Mountain Forest
Mountain Valley Spring Water
Mutiara Natural Mineral Water
Nantze Springs
New Frontier Bank
Niagra Mist
Nicolet Distilled
Northern Illinois University
Oasis Pure Drinking Water
Oasis Sparkling Water
Ogallala – Clear Cool Water
OUI Drinking Water
OUI Natural Mineral Water
Parmer Pure H2O
Patriots Choice
Pelangi Natural Mineral Water
Penta Ultra Premium Purified Drinking Water
Piggly Wiggly
Polaris Water
Pristine Natural Artesian
Purely Sedona
Quick Stop
Rain Soft
Refresh Natural Mineral Water
Reiser Drinking Water
Request Foods, Inc.
Rip Time
Roundy’s “Purified Water”
Safeway – Refreshe
Sam’s Wine & Spirits
San Faustino Natural Mineral Water
San Pellegrino
Santee Springs
Scheopner’s Water
Sequoia Springs
Silver Creek Purified Water
Silver Creek Spring Water
Sky Drinking Water
Smart Water
Snow Valley
Stator Bros. Markets
Summit Mountain
Summit Springs
Summit Valley
Teton Mountain Lodge Spring Water
United Dairy Farmers
Vitamin Water
Veta Drinking Water
Whistler Water
Whole Foods 365
Woodland Spring Water
Wyoming Machinery “Catipillar” Spring Water

Brands to AVOID that are known to be high in fluoride

Belmont Springs
Crystal Rock
Crystal Springs
Deer Park
Diamond Springs
Hindley Spri
Kentwood Springs
Mayer Bros.
Mount Olympus
Nursery Water
Poland Spring
Pure Flo
Puritan Springs
Sierra Springs