Real food breakfast ideas (having a change from toast and cereal)

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Grain and sugar free menu ideas for GAPS, Paleo, Whole 30, Clean Eating, SCD, low carb and gluten free eating plans.

If you’re changing to any kind of new eating plan, there’s a good chance that you’ll struggle with breakfast. This is because in western culture, breakfast is often some combination of toast, cereal and juice, and when those options are taken away, it can be disorienting.

4 tips for new thinking about breakfast

The first thing I’m here to tell you – breakfast is just another meal, there’s nothing special about it. Anything you can have for lunch, or dinner, or a midnight snack – guess what? You can have it for breakfast too.

The second is that we want to get away from the whole high carb paradigm, especially first thing in the morning (or whenever you choose to have your breakfast). Eating too much carbohydrate, and not balancing it with protein and fat, is a first class way to unbalance your blood sugar levels. So start thinking of how you can make sure you’ve also got some protein and some good fats into your breakfast.

Thirdly, if you’re doing any of the eating plans above, or just trying out a few new recipes to see how you feel – food cooked yourself from real, preferably fresh and organic, ingredients is always going to nourish you better than something processed.

Fourth – plan. You know the saying “Fail to plan is planning to fail”. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do know that having a weekly meal plan has got me out of many a hole. You don’t have to go with the plan if something else appeals, but at the end of a long day, being able to just eat what you planned, instead of having to think about it, helps a lot.

Let’s look at some actual recipes now

The recipe ideas are coming from a variety of sources:

  • Recipes on this website
  • Recipes from some of my favourite Paleo and GAPS bloggers
  • Recipes from new blogging platform Steemit, and
  • In some cases, I have assumed a basic level of knowledge eg that you know how to boil an egg.

The recipes are separated into a few different types, so pick what appeals.

These are just a handful of the possibilities. If you want more info or recipes, check out the breakfast lesson on this site or my Pinterest breakfast page.

Drinks & Smoothies

Fruit or Cereal style (but grain free alternatives)

Grain free breads / toast / muffins / pancakes

Toppings for toast or pancakes:

  • Butter or Ghee ~ recipe for making ghee here
  • Nut butter (good quality bought nut butter is fine)
  • Sugar free “Jam” – soak some dates till soft, then zizz up with some berries. Or gently defrost frozen berries in a pan on the stove. Lift them out of the resulting juice and smush them on some bread.
  • Avocado OR Avocado mashed up with soft boiled egg, sea salt & (optional) ghee or butter
  • Salmon, sardines or mackerel (tinned in water)
  • Salmon dip (tinned wild Alaskan salmon mixed with navy bean hummus, mayonnaise or sour cream)
  • Chicken liver pate

Vegetable dishes – to go with eggs or meat


The important thing with eggs is to choose free range, pastured eggs. Cook them any way you fancy (and I’m going to assume you know how to cook eggs). Add some veges, grain free toast or some fruit to balance out the meal.

Meat or fish

If you know you’re someone who needs protein at breakfast, there’s no reason why you can’t have any kind of meat and vege dish.