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I’m Deb Gully and I am a Nutrition Coach and Natural Therapist, in Wellington, New Zealand.

I’ve always been interested in natural health as a consumer, and began to take an interest in nutrition in 1996 when I joined the gym, and we owned a bike shop. After following the low fat diet that I’d been recommended, plus training too hard, I developed chronic fatigue and began to study a more holistic approach to nutrition. I learnt that most of what is commonly believed about nutrition is wrong, and wanted to make better information available.

So my website DietNet was born. I’ve now been studying and using the principles of whole food nutrition, metabolic typing, and avoiding food sensitivities for nearly 20 years, and DietNet is 100 pages and still growing.

I got so many emails from people wanting nutritional help, that I studied for a Diploma in Nutrition and Natural Therapies and started my Health Therapies practice at the end of 2003. I tend to work a lot with people with gut issues, food sensitivities, and chronic illnesses. When I learnt about GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) in 2009, I tracked down the book (which was hard to find at that time!) and started using the principles with my clients. In 2012, I trained with Dr Natasha to be a certified GAPS practitioner.


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I started my training in kinesiology in 2004 at the Wellington School of Massage, with Reactive Muscle Kinesiology. In 2005, I studied Touch For Health, and in 2006 added in Kinergetics. Since then I have studies many other forms of kinesiology and have been a Certified Natural Health Practitioner in Energy Kinesiology since 2011.

I had been using EFT personally for nearly two years by 2003, and could see how much it could help my nutrition clients. I studied all of Gary Craig’s video sets and passed the EFT-CC and EFT-Adv exams. When I first started learning EFT, there was no training available here. There are now several qualified trainers teaching in NZ, and I’ve studied with 3 of them, to Level 3.

I have also been using Reiki since 2001, and have trained to Degree Two.

I work a lot with people with digestion issues, or allergies and sensitivities. The methods I use are also helpful for a full range of physical, mental or emotional issues.

My other interests include music, dance, theatre & movies, singing in the Wellington Community Choir and reading.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, but I can help you anywhere in NZ, or worldwide; working face to face, or by phone, email or Skype.

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