Keeping your mind active

This page is a work in progress, hopefully will have a lot more on it over the next few days.


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NZ Geographic

Every day NZ Geographic are posting a new story, video or activity idea based on our beautiful country. Check it out here.

Learn something new

Learn a new language

Improve your touch typing

Learn to play piano. Keep you device volume down though. I heard of someone suggesting learning to play the violin. But learning a new instrument is probably not what your bubble mates will welcome, so be considerate!

Visit Museums online

12 Famous Museums Offer Virtual Tours

Puzzles & Games

It’s very easy to get sucked into spending hours on games on phone or tablet. But let’s take this opportunity to do things a bit differently. Here are some puzzles that you can source online, then print and take away to a comfortable corner:


Stuff have a daily quiz available here.

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