Personalised Diet

Many of the ailments we have, and just accept as inevitable, can be directly or indirectly caused by what we eat. Even small changes to our diet can have profound effects. But many people are put off changing diet because:

  • They’ve been on diets before and know how hard that is
  • They believe they’ll have to go hungry, or they won’t be able to eat their favourite foods
  • They believe that it will involve a lot of hard work

It’s true that it takes more work to eat well than to eat badly. But it doesn’t have to be a lot more work, and most people find that the pay off in increased energy and well being more than makes up for it.

The other bonus that people enjoy is finding out they can eat foods that they’ve been depriving themselves of – real, tasty, satisfying foods. My clients love learning that so many foods that they’d been told to avoid are actually packed with essential nutrients!

Let’s look at what’s involved.

Eating real food!

Much of the food we accept as normal has been processed and stripped of its goodness. So the first step is to replace low nutrient food with high nutrient food. The great thing here is that real food tastes good and is more satisfying. You may find that you don’t need to eat as much because you’re getting more goodness from what you do eat. To make this stage easier, I wrote a cooking course that introduces you to the principles of whole food eating in a 15 step plan, and includes easy, tasty recipes. I also have a range of recipes on my recipe blogMore info about Whole Foods


Metabolic typing

This is about understanding that we all have unique metabolic needs. While we all need a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates in our diet, that balance is different for each person. We find out what the right balance is for you – some people suit an Atkins type diet, some go better on a semi vegetarian diet, and most of us are somewhere in the middle. Where do you fit in? More info about Metabolic Typing

514e7wrsol-_sx322_bo1204203200_Food Allergies

Not many people realise how much a food allergy can impact on your life. Finding one or more key allergies or sensitivities and eliminating them from your diet can transform how you feel. If you have symptoms that indicate the possibility of allergies, we’ll investigate those.

We can then decide whether to just manage the symptoms by eliminating the food involved. Or whether you want to go one step further to a deeper level of healing. This may involve using a gut healing regime such as the GAPS (Gut & Psychology / Physiology Syndrome) protocol. More about Allergies & Sensitivities



When you start eating real food, you’ll find that many of the little problems you had will just go away as you become better nourished. So I don’t usually recommend supplements till you’ve been on your new diet for at least a month, so we can see what symptoms you still have. Then we can add in anything extra that’s needed.

One exception to that is if you have digestive difficulties or have had your gall bladder removed. If you’re not digesting your food, you won’t get the benefit from it, so we might start with digestive enzymes straight away.