Better Mental Health

There is no doubt that traumatic experiences can cause major, ongoing emotional problems. But so can a multitude of smaller events that might seem nothing to the casual observer. Criticism, failure, self doubt, the overheard unkind remark, and limiting beliefs about yourself lead to a diminished sense of self worth. This can lead to obvious mental health issues such as depression or anorexia.

It can also contribute to problems nobody else might notice:

  • lacking the confidence to go for that job you want or talk to the girl you fancy,
  • being too shy to go to parties,
  • being unable to communicate with your children,
  • procrastinating till you miss the deadline,
  • tension headaches,
  • overworking to prove yourself,
  • letting yourself be bullied,
  • minor fears or
  • major phobias.

You might not be mentally ill, but you’re not entirely healthy either.

EFT can be used to clear a wide range of things:

  • the car accident that still gives you nightmares
  • the memory of all the times your father called you stupid
  • the phobia that stops you from using lifts
  • the belief that you’re no good at sport
  • your current anger at your son for forgetting to pick up the groceries
  • the dull throb at the base of your neck that makes you snappy with everybody
  • the negative body image that forces you to starve yourself

There are many things you can tap on yourself, but for any major trauma that is affecting your mental health, ALWAYS tap with someone else, preferably an experienced practitioner.

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is still be considered to be in the experimental stage and each user must take complete responsibility for their own use of it.