Exercise Classes

I’ve just put together a website for my weekly exercise classes at www.getfit.kiwi Although my regular exercise classes are primarily for seniors, they are suitable for many other people as well. My Seated Exercise classes were originally for seniors with osteo arthritis, so include mobilisation exercises for the joints. We also focus on improving strength, balance and coordination. They may be suitable if you are new to exercise or cannot exercise standing up. Previous class members include […]

Lockdown resources

I will continue to be available for client sessions by phone, skype or Zoom. Read more here. As we are a home based essential business, our online shop www.naturefoods.co.nz will continue to be operational as long as we have stock and the couriers are operating. We have quite good stocks of Bio-kult probiotics, Blis & Biotrace oral probiotics, Great Lakes gelatin, two brands of cod liver oil, beef liver caps, and some natural vitamins, minerals, […]

March 2020 – distance client sessions available

Hi all Some of my services are still available by phone, Skype or Zoom: Nutrition coaching Emotional Freedom Technique Surrogate/distance muscle testing may be available, for existing clients only If anybody needs support over this uncertain time, distance sessions will be at a reduced price: First consultation, up to 15 mins – FOC 30 mins – $20 60 mins – $35 90 mins – $50 Other lockdown resources: Lockdown homepage ~ Keeping immunity strong ~ Resources for families ~ Exercise routines ~ Keep your […]

Another self help tip for Christmas stress

An email arrived in my Inbox this morning from The Tapping Solution, featuring one of Jessica Ortner’s guided tapping sessions. It got me thinking again about the people who find Christmas difficult for various reasons, and how tapping along with a recorded EFT session would be helpful. So I’ve visited YouTube and dug a few out that might be relevant for this time of year. This first one is by Brad Yates. I’ve long been […]

Quick & Easy calming tip – for Xmas or any time

Christmas can be a very stressful time, and sometimes we just need to take a few minutes to ourselves, to refocus and relax. I’ve already written about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) elsewhere on the site. If you are familiar with EFT, it’s an excellent tool for winding down from Xmas stress. But today I want to talk about something even easier. It may not go as deep, and cover as many aspects as EFT, so think […]

Christmas stress or busy-ness getting you wound up? How I can help.

Just under two weeks till Christmas and the pace is picking up. Shopping, cooking, trying to do half a year’s work before Xmas or worrying about how the family will be on the day? Or feeling low because Christmas isn’t going to be how you want it? I’ve still got a few times available before Christmas where we could explore some techniques that can help you relax and get to a more joyful holiday state. Up till […]

Feeling stressed and unable to relax since the earthquake?

It’s been over a week since the 7.8 earthquake. If you’re still feeling wound up or worried, you may need some help to unwind. I have a range of techniques that can help you relax and get back out of that “fight or flight” state. Up till Christmas, I’m making them available at a special price: One hour sessions, usually $65 SPECIAL $45 One and a half hour sessions, usually $95 SPECIAL $65 The full range […]

Using Kinergetics to help chronic pain and illness – Special Offer

Do you suffer from chronic pain or fatigue, allergies or sensitivities, an autoimmune or other chronic condition? I’ve just done six days advanced Kinergetics training with Philip Rafferty, its originator. His mission is to get as many Kinergetics practitioners as possible using his new protocol for chronic pain and illness. He has been using it extensively over the last year or so, with incredible results – results that other practitioners are not seeing. He has […]

Gene testing for ability to digest starches

See my first post about DNA testing here. So… I’ve completed the training and can now arrange DNA testing for my clients for the AMY1 gene. My first client is – Me! I took a cheek swab, have couriered the kit and will have the results in 2-3 weeks. Why is it so important to know the answer? For decades, the prevailing nutritional wisdom was that dietary fat was bad, and saturated fat especially was […]

Use genetic profiling to SAVE YOUR LIFE, lose WEIGHT and get FIT

The right analysis of your 23andme or other DNA profiles can give you valuable health insights. Everybody seems to be doing a 23andme or other DNA test at the moment, and I’m as keen as the next person. But I’ve just found a DNA test I want even more. I went to an intro evening about it the other night, and I’m excited. I can see the potential for myself, my family and my clients […]