Menu Planning

We’ve had our consultation, and know what foods (if any) you need to avoid, at least for now.

Or possibly you have been diagnosed with sensitivities by another practitioner and already knew what you need to avoid, but now have no idea what to eat.

The most important next step is for you to get into the habit of weekly meal plans. You’ll have a blank chart you can print or photocopy, to help you. If something happens and you need to change the plan, that’s fine, you can be flexible. But your weekly menu is one of the most important tools for helping you stick to your plan. Spend half an hour at the weekend planning your menu and shopping list, and you’re less likely to find yourself in a situation where you have nothing suitable to eat.

If you are going to be following a whole foods plan, but have no sensitivities,  there are some Paleo recipe lists on my Pinterest board under Planning. If you haven’t had a consultation yet, you will still find these useful. (Click on the image below to get started with some Paleo smoothie recipes)

If we find that you need to follow the GAPS diet, I’ll give you a list of possible meal options, from which you can choose what works for your metabolic type and lifestyle. There are links to a lot of recipes and you will be able to access recipes from my Recipe site.

If you are following a customised list of foods to avoid, we can work together to come up with some planning ideas.

30 of the Best Paleo Breakfast Smoothie Recipes: