I feel really good, haven’t used any nose spray, tablets etc… for the last 4 days. I didn’t notice much of a difference Thursday, Friday last week. Then on Saturday felt like my nose was drying out and very clear, also no sneezing fits. Years ago I used to have injections to treat my allergies , I remember that a couple of days after having the injection I would start to fell like a different person, I have the same feeling now. Thank you so much for your help. It’s been a great experience and I will be spreading the word on Kinergetics.


I am writing this as a Testimonial to Deb Gully. Specifically, her use of Muscle Balancing and EFT.

In January of 2005 I had a freak accident on my mountainbike. This resulted in a fractured scapula, several broken ribs and a compression/extension injury to my right shoulder that included tendon, muscle and ligament damage, and also nerve damage. This was a very painful injury, but the full extent of it only became apparent over the ensuing weeks.

I spent the first few weeks in a haze of powerful painkillers, anti-inflammatories and sleeping pills. Deb Gully offered her services as an alternative to this brutal regime. Having no knowledge of Deb’s treatments, and as an avowed sceptic at heart, I had to decide to be open to what she would do for me.

I’m so glad I did. From the day Deb started working with me I started to improve. She gave me as much of a Muscle Balance as my level of pain would allow, and used EFT techniques to allay some very negative feelings I was dealing with, and to help me with the pain.

For me, the results were dramatic. From virtual paralysis of my upper arm and shoulder, to being able to move it right out from my body. From being zombied out by drugs, to almost totally managing the pain with EFT.

On my follow-up appointment with my orthopaedic specialist the following week, my x-rays revealed that I my broken shoulder-blade had fully calcified. The doctor was extremely surprised by this, and told me I had “unusual healing properties”! I am quite convinced that both the Balancing and EFT had a direct bearing on this.

I have received two more Balances from Deb since. Both have given me a noticeable improvement in my condition and ability to rehabilitate, and I am going to rely on her skill and perceptive gifts, and the ongoing use of the EFT techniques, to aid me in returning to full health.

Thanks for reading, Oli, 08/04/05

I have probably suffered from some form of depression for most of my life, although over recent years, it had become progressively worse. Counselling sessions helped for a while but once you get stuck in that black pit it’s very difficult to recall the coping mechanisms.

Last year at Deb’s suggestion I started taking St Johns Wort but suddenly, to my dismay, it just didn’t seem to be working. She had also taught me the EFT technique but I’d gotten into such a state that it didn’t even occur to me. Crunch time came in February this year when I found myself seriously considering suicide.

In tears I phoned Deb with the idea of perhaps increasing the dosage of the St Johns Wort. She immediately went into action & got me ‘tapping’ while we were on the phone (& with me weeping copiously the whole time – I don’t know how she does it!) Next she emailed a questionnaire to ascertain the manner of my depression, so that she could determine what supplements would be beneficial.

She started me on alternate doses of 5HTP & DLPA. Within 20 minutes of taking the first 5HTP, the suicidal feelings quite literally vanished. We followed up with several weekly EFT sessions, which have helped break down the major sources of the feelings of depression & self loathing that have dogged me for years. Deb also gave my eating habits an overhaul – I had been eating a great deal of wheat & sugar, which contribute to (& probably cause!) depression.

It’s now early June. By monitoring my eating habits, taking a maintenance dosage of the supplements & using the EFT techniques to zap any negative feelings, I am now emotionally stable for the first time in years. Actually, you could probably make that the first time ever.


When I started working full-time as a massage therapist several years ago, I was unable to work a normal day without coffee, sugar, and wheat. Deb recognised my daily hypoglycaemia as a reaction to my favourite allergy-addictions. Following her guidance out of my lifetime of dietary mess, has been one of the most important things I’ve ever done for myself.


Since having my son by Caesarian section in November 1999, I had this nagging pain in my lower left side, chronic diahorrea and constipation which would go in five daily roundabouts. I knew where every public toilet was within a five mile radius of where I was and sometimes I wouldn’t make it. I did the Western medicine man thing – gynecology all checked out – fine; colonoscopy – all clear apart from a diverticula and got told that because I had had a Caesarian section, this changed the bacteria levels in my bowel and I would just have to live with Irritable Bowel Syndrome – seems to be blamed for everything that they can’t explain.

Deb had always been on at me about gluten intolerance. I told her I could not survive without bread!!! She told me to humour her and go off all gluten for a week. Well, the change was phenomenal. The “nagging” pain went, I didn’t feel bloated and irritable and depressed like I had been and now two years later, I live a life completely free of gluten and have NEVER looked back. I will admit the first three months were hard and sometimes even now, I have to learn to improvise when I am eating out, but with Deb’s guidance, friendship and wisdom, I have never had to run to the toilet again.

Lucky for me, chocolate and red wine do not contain gluten, so I still have a vice or two left. Deb is a wonderful friend and advisor and certainly helped me, when conventional medicine told me I would have to live with IBS the rest of my life – thank you Deb xxx


Deb has assisted me to gradually reverse a chronic, life threatening, and supposedly incurable illness. She has introduced me to a wide range of beneficial therapies, and fine tuned my diet and supplement regime when needed. She helped me by using a wide range of therapies – diet, supplements, physical therapies, energy medicine and emotional/mental techniques – and successfully taught me how to improve my health on all levels.

Although we still have a way to go, many people consider my improvement so far to be astonishing, and I am completely confident that I will make a full recovery.

Deb’s wide range of knowledge and open minded approach has been a crucial catalyst to my healing.


Deb Gully has been an awesome support, and for me personally, done far more than her role of Health Coach would suggest. When the medical profession refused to admit (by analyzing their test results), that I had a health problem, instead they keep telling me I was concealing things and that was the reason for my problem. Deb was there 100 % for me all of the time, and most of all believed in me. Supporting me, (put up with me!) and helped me work through to find a solution.

Now herbally medicated, with correctly applied Metabolic Typing, my health and wellbeing has turned around totally. Best of all, I hope, having found and dealt with the problem, I will never have to go on conventional medication, instead using far better and healthier alternatives. This lady sticks through thick and thin, regardless of personal sacrifices. I can’t recommend her highly enough and wish her the best in all her future endeavours. Deb is one special lady.

with thanks, C. le R.

I have struggled to control my weight all my life. I come from a family that is known for being “big”, so used to use the excuse of genetics as the reason why I found it so hard to lose weight. I tried all the crazy fad diets during my teens and 20s – Israeli Army Diet, Grapefruit diet, Weight Watchers. I would lose weight for sure, but it was only temporary and would always come back on. About 6 years ago I had a consultation with a dietician at the gym I was going to and she actually told me I wasn’t eating enough – years of starvation diets had got me into bad habits and thoroughly messed with my metabolism. So I started eating more regular meals (our family was never big on breakfast, so I hadn’t had more than a glass of fruit juice for “breakfast” since I was about 10 years old) and snacks in an attempt to kick start my metabolism again and also followed the conventional wisdom that a low fat diet was important. I managed to stablise my weight (don’t ask me what it was, I gave up using scales about 15 years ago, but I was about a size 20/22 in clothes) and stopped gaining, but I wasn’t losing either.

A few years later, during a visit to my doctor for other reasons, she decided to check my blood pressure just “while I was there”. She told me it was a little on the high side, but didn’t do anything further. About 6 months later I was back in the Docs office again and she noted the high blood pressure reading from my last visit and checked again. It was still high, so she sent me for blood tests. The tests came back that my cholesterol was higher than it should be (5.6 when it should be between 3 and 5) and the “bad” cholesterol was also above the normal range. She told me I needed to get the levels down and the way to do this was to cut out fat from my diet, eat more carbohydrates, and get more regular exercise. Since this seemed to be the prevailing wisdom touted in all the articles on health in newspapers & magazines, I followed the advice religiously. Rather than going back to the gym scene, I invested in a piece of home exercise equipment and got into a good routine of doing at least 40 minutes of exercise 4 – 5 times a week. Over the course of the next year I did lose a small amount of weight, but nothing significant.

December 2003 I got another blood test done and was looking forward to some positive results since I had been so good at following the medical advice I had received. I was utterly devastated to get the results and discover that my cholesterol had gone up (to 6) and even worse, my blood sugar levels were dangerously high at 4.8 (should be between 0 and 2). The practice nurse at my doctor’s surgery called me in for a consultation and asked me to bring in a food diary for the week before the meeting. She looked at my diary and pronounced it “fine” and also that I was getting sufficient exercise. My father was diagnosed with Type II diabetes when he was 59, so the nurse said that I was genetically predisposed to the same condition and my blood sugar levels confirmed that I was heading in that direction if I didn’t make some changes. The doctor had written out a prescription for a drug for me to take to help get my blood sugar down. I enquired as to what the drug was for precisely and the nurse said it was given to older people who had Type II diabetes (which is certainly not me!), but that it also had good results in preventing people with high blood sugar developing diabetes and could also assist with weight loss. I asked if there were any side effects and she said that yes, I could become constipated or have other similar gastric upsets. This was not sounding like a very good idea to me. So I told the nurse that I would rather look at dietary changes first before resorting to the drugs. She was willing to let me do that and said I should get another blood test in 3 months to check on progress.

It was therefore in an extremely upset frame of mind that I found my way to Deb Gully. I should disclose here that Deb has been a friend of mine for several years and I knew that she had been studying nutrition. It therefore wasn’t difficult for me to entrust my health issues to her care. Deb administered the metabolic typing questionnaire to me and I also gave her copies of the two blood test results I had. On Deb’s advice I found out that I am a “mixed” type and need to have a well balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates and fats. This being COMPLETELY the opposite to the diet the doctor had put me on – no wonder the doctor’s advice didn’t produce any positive results!

I decided to start the new regime with the new year and in early January 2004 began the process of working out my ideal carb levels. I spent about a month experimenting with different amounts and types of carbs. I discovered that I can only tolerate grain carbs (pasta, rice & bread) in very small amounts, so small that it really isn’t worth adding them to a meal, but enough that if I have them occasionally (i.e: just once or twice a week) I am fine. However, I can eat starchy vegetables (potatoes etc) in large quantities with no negative effects.

For 3 months I maintained the new dietary regime which also included previously “forbidden” foods like butter and bacon (due to their high saturated fat content). My two big “saviours” during this time were corn chips and sugar free chocolate. Corn chips because they provided me with an easily available and convenient snack food and sugar free chocolate because, well, a gal can’t live without chocolate! I was never hungry, ate my fill at every meal, and found that I could go for much longer periods of time between meals without feeling hungry. Previously (on the high carb, low fat regime) I had been having to eat nearly every 2 hours.

In early April 2004 I fronted up for a further blood test. I had lost a reasonable amount of weight during the previous 3 months (some of my clothes had started to literally fall off me!), yet, for various reasons – none of them my own choice – I had not been able to exercise with any regularity or intensity during that time. I was feeling nervous and optimistic at the same time. Two days later the practice nurse from my doctor’s surgery called with the results. She was thrilled. My blood sugar was down to 2.2 (recall that optimum level is 2 or less) and my cholesterol was down to 5.8. Well, I was pretty stoked myself. Hooorah, finally something worked! The nurse then had the gall to ask how did I find taking the drugs. I had completely forgotten about that and said “what drugs?”. She was shocked to hear that I hadn’t even taken them and had achieved these good results purely by changing my diet. She wants me to do another test in 6 months time just to be sure the levels are still coming down (& obviously there is still room for improvement), but when I passed the results onto Deb she pointed out to me that the critical result (HDL/Cholesterol ratio) was now in the low risk (“normal”) range and really I shouldn’t be worried about this aspect of my health any further.

It is a great relief to know that I am no longer at high risk of developing diabetes or the range of other health problems that can come from high cholesterol. It is also great to know that I don’t have to accept being overweight as being a genetic problem that I can’t do anything about. The weight loss in the past 3 months wasn’t my main goal, it was purely incidental to achieving lower blood sugar and cholesterol, but it is a nice “side effect” to say the least and it is clear to me now that one of the main reasons I ever got overweight in the first place was from eating too many carbs. However, I should be able to re-start my exercise routine in the next few weeks so I hope to be able to continue to reduce the blood sugar and cholesterol but also lose some more weight and return to a size that I was most comfortable with in the past (clothing size 14/16).

The past 3 months have taught me a number of things. Doctors don’t know anything about nutrition. They are trained to treat diseases, which has nothing to do with general health and wellbeing. If they can give you a pill for it, they will, without looking at the myriad of other treatments that are available. I do credit my doctor for picking up on the warning signs of my high blood pressure that lead me to discover I had a problem I had to address, I thank her for that, but she was not able to deal with the problem in an effective way at all. Every person is different and there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” dietary regime that will suit everyone. The only way to find out what is right for you is to seek the advice of a knowledgeable practitioner like Deb Gully. So, while I hope my story can inspire others to get the right advice to address their health issues, my journey is personal to me and another person will not necessarily achieve the same results by following the same path I took.

Finally, it has been interesting to see the reaction from friends and family to the changes I have made. Several of the women continue to ask how long I am going to be on this “diet”. It makes me laugh. Our society has got so used to people being on diets all the time that we think of them as being temporary measures for a quick fix to a certain problem. Well, that is diet with a capital “D” in my vocabulary. The true meaning of “diet” (with a small “d”), is simply “what you eat”. I’m not on a Diet, I have made changes to my diet that are permanent and will ensure my continued good health.


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