Building strong immunity

Level 1 – Staying Safe (through avoidance)

This is considered the most important level by many people, but I’ve been thinking that safety is really a bit of an illusion. Life on our beloved Planet Earth is inherently risky, and if we think we can keep ourselves safe from all dangers, we’re (a) deluding ourselves and (b) going to deprive ourselves of a lot of the richness of life. There’s a fine line between sensible precautions and living in a fear based way, and that line is in a different place for each of us.

Of course we want to look after the vulnerable amongst us. So, yes, let’s:

  • Be hygienic
  • Practice social distancing if we are vulnerable
  • Stay home if we’re sick – for our own well being as well as that of others
  • Make it possible for everybody to stay warm and eat healthily

Let’s behave in a considerate way to ourselves and to others. But let’s do this every “flu season” not just because we think this is worse and is going to kill us all.

I’m not convinced that we need to go as far as we have in this area. But everybody needs to make their own call on this, depending on their own circumstances, and enough has been written about the “How To’s” elsewhere. So moving on..

Update July 2021 – Who could have foreseen the insanity that has prevailed over the last 15 months? Here are some things I never thought to write in March 2020 that I want to say now:

  • Be hygienic – I meant “Wash your hands after going to the toilet or if they’re dirty”. I did not mean use hand sanitiser till you destroy your own natural skin biome and make your immune system lazy.
  • Masks – Ashley Bloomfield said in March 2020 that we could wear masks if we wanted to but they didn’t work. That has not changed. So why are we being told to wear them, and why is everybody obeying? Masks prevent you from breathing fresh air, and instead you breathe in your own carbon dioxide. How is damaging your own health protecting anybody?
  • In Mar 2020 we didn’t really know how serious this illness is. Now we do. Now we know that it’s mortality rate is only fractionally higher than previous seasonal flus. We know that there are plenty of substances that can help you get over it, even if you have a severe dose. We know that the figures have been inflated by categorising every death WITH Covid as being caused BY Covid. But given that the death rates last year were no higher than previous years, we can see they are not being completely truthful.
  • Many of have seen first hand the damage caused by lockdowns. Damage to the economy, people’s livelihoods, people’s mental health, increase in suicides, increase in poverty, our seniors being kept from their families, and many more adverse results. The people imposing them (here and elsewhere in the world) do not have your best interests at heart.
  • After decades of trying to find a vaccine for the common cold, they can’t do it. How have they managed to devise several for this in a few short months? And how have they managed to test it and verify that it’s safe? They haven’t – it’s still being trialed. And the deaths and vaccine injuries are mounting up AND being covered up. This article, by NZ doctors who are bravely risking their reputations and livelihoods to uphold their Hippocratic oath, is longish but vital reading – there is a lot more info, but really one article is all you need.

Level 2 – Physically preparing your own system to be able to deal with it

To me, one of the main foundations for good health is good nutrition. It might not fix everything, but it’s a good place to start. There is no “one size fits all” but there are a lot of commonalities to different nutrient dense whole food diets. Avoiding sugars and processed foods as much as possible is always a good start. Eat fresh, frozen or fermented foods.  Eat foods rich in fat soluble vitamins such as full fat dairy, organ meats and seafood. For more details, here are Sally Fallon’s suggestions.

Take some natural supplements, but no need to go crazy. We are continuing to take our usual maintenance doses of supplements, which include Vitamin C, Vitamin B (from natural sources), Vitamins A & D from cod liver oil and desiccated liver, and minerals such as iodine, magnesium and zinc. If we show any signs of illness, we’ll increase our Vit C, and we have some extra immunity boosters on hand. There are lots of different herbs that promote immunity, and you may have your own favourites that work well for you. This year, I’ve chosen a liquid blend of echinacea, blackberry & honey plus some elderberry and zinc lozenges, that are in the cupboard, just in case.

Drink clean water

Get out into the fresh air and sunshine as much as possible.

While out in the fresh air, breathe deeply. This lung exercises video demonstrates good exercises for those with lung cancer, COPD and other breathing problems. Since CoVid19 affects the lungs, this could be a good preventative routine. (Update Jul 2021 – and leave your mask off)

Get plenty of rest and sleep.

But also make sure to get some exercise or movement every day.

Get your bare feet onto grass, sand or soil (grounding/earthing). This is a great way to balance your electrical system.

Update July 2021:

  • I’m still waiting for any elected officials to provide guidelines on how we can improve our immunity.
  • Instead what I have seen is denial of all discussion about substances that are very effective against Covid (and other seasonal respiratory illnesses) – this includes Ivermectin, vitamins and other natural substances. Why would they not want us to use whatever will prevent or (gasp) even cure illnesses?
  • And they expect me to believe they have my best interests at heart?
  • (And yes, you’re not imagining that my tone is very different now than it was last year!)

Level 3 – Raise your emotional state

Fear will lower your immune status like nothing else. So why are government and the media trying to keep us in a fearful panicked state?

You don’t need to be fearful. Be sensible, sure. But then follow Dr Robert Anthony‘s advice to “reach for the better feeling”. One way might be  favouring the activities that bring you joy. Or you might want to find some purpose for yourself in the current situation, whether it is lock-down or just the normal daily routines.

Update July 2021:

  • Even more important after the powers that be have spent 15 months browbeating the population into a terror of a disease with a very low death rate

Level 4 – Energetic Healing

This is a broad category and I’m including lots of things, like these ones, in no particular order:

  • Acupuncture
  • Energy Kinesiology
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Reiki
  • Prayer
  • Homeopathy
  • Meditation

Some of them we might not have access to right now, as we need a skilled practitioner. But there are some we can do for ourselves.

Using the principles of energy kinesiology, we can wake up our brains and bodies with some simple daily routines.

  • This YouTube video shows the basic Touch For Health switch on exercises
  • This one has 3 foundational brain gym exercises – brain buttons, balance buttons and thinking cap.

Check out the exercises page for daily Yoga or Tai Chi exercises.

But my absolute favourite immunity booster is an Immunity tapping protocol, originally put together by EFT practitioner Gwenn Bonnell. You can find it on my page about EFT for physical issues. If you’re new to EFT, take some time to look round the rest of the section and learn how you can tap for yourself.

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