Imagine this scenario…

You’re 3 years old, having your egg for breakfast, and your parents start fighting. You go into “fight or flight” mode, and your system tags everything in the vicinity as possible dangers. This happens often, and soon every time you eat eggs you have a bad reaction, EVEN IF your parents aren’t fighting.

Or this one… You’re walking down the road eating an ice cream, and witness a car accident. You start to feel sick. Next time you have an ice cream, to your surprise you feel sick again, but don’t remember why.

These are some quite obvious examples, but there are many ways and reasons that your system can start to think a specific food or substance is dangerous.

If you have a lot of allergies, there is a good chance that it’s gut related, and our modern lifestyles can easily lead to gut dysfunction. But if you only have a handful, it’s worth “treating” each allergy using EFT or other energy techniques.

There are lots of articles on Gary Craig’s site about using EFT for allergies, including this one by Sandi Radomski. Sandi was one of the first to start using EFT for allergies and she developed the Allergy Antidotes system, which has a variety of possible energy corrections. She uses kinesiology to test for the appropriate one.

If you have allergies, read some of these articles and give it a go. If you need to go more in depth, contact me. I’ve trained with Sandi in Allergy Antidotes and also Ask & Receive. I’ve also trained in other forms of kinesiology for allergies.

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is still be considered to be in the experimental stage and each user must take complete responsibility for their own use of it.