Before we book an appointment

Before we have a full session together, I offer a short free consultation. This can be by phone or by email. It purposes are:

  • To clarify whether you want to see me for nutrition, EFT, kinesiology or a combination
  • To identify the issues you want to work on
  • To ensure you feel comfortable with me
  • So that I can give you any required prep work – this could be a health questionnaire, a food diary, or to gather together some foods for testing, for example.

So, whether you’re ringing or emailing, please have this information available.


Contact me by email:

Emails don’t always get through these days, but these guidelines will help ensure smooth communication between us:

1. Leave the subject line as is (Coaching enquiry) to bypass my filters

2. If you only receive emails from “Safe Senders”, please add my email addresses to your “Safe” list: – and –

3. I aim to answer emails asap but at least within 48 hours. If you don’t hear back by then, check your spam or junk folders. If there’s no reply, please resend your email. If you still don’t hear back, one of our emails is getting blocked, so ring me.

4. Please let me know you’ve received my email by sending a quick reply, even if it’s just to say No thanks.



Contact me by phone:

The best times to ring me are between 11am and 6pm Monday to Thursday. If these times are not possible, we can arrange a suitable time by email. Otherwise ring and leave a message.

Phone: 04 934 6366
(from overseas +644 934 6366)