Physical Issues

We’ve talked about emotions sometimes being caused by a disruption in our energy, and we can view physical symptoms the same way.

When we have a physical issue going on, there are several different ways we can tap:

  • For the physical symptoms
  • For any associated emotions
  • At the cellular level

We may also need to make some lifestyle changes, and tapping can help there too.

Physical symptoms

Start by just tapping for the symptoms, getting as specific as you can:

  • Where exactly is the discomfort?
  • What is the quality of it?
  • How intense is it? (What is the SUDS?)

There have been many “one minute wonders” from this most basic level of tapping, but also many cases where being persistent was needed.

We might also tap on why we might have the symptom: “Even though I had a bad nights sleep, and feel tired…”

Emotional aspects

Sometimes a physical symptom can be directly related to an underlying emotional situation. Maybe it started after a stressful event or period of time. But even when a symptom is a direct response to a physical or biochemical situation, later some emotional layers are often added.

Some questions to ask yourself:.

  • How does this situation make you feel?
  • What was happening in your life when this started, or in the months prior?
  • What are the metaphors? Louise Hay has written a lot about this.
  • What is the upside or secondary gain?
  • What would I lose if this went away?
  • What are the beliefs that support this issue?

Cellular levels

This is about addressing the physical but at a deeper level than just tapping on the symptoms, which I call the Cellular approach. Here are some examples of detailed approaches that have been developed.


One of my favourite tappings in this category is this three part Immunity protocol, which I think originally came from Gwenn Bonnell of Tap Into Heaven and Tap Away Pain.

First, get a sense of how well your immunity is running right now (XX percent), or just guess.

1. Setup: “Even though my immunity is running at only XX percent, I fully and deeply love
and accept myself and my body”
Reminder: [“Immunity running at XX percent”]

2. Setup: “Even though my immunity is still running under 100%, I release anything and
everything that lowers my immunity, as I fully and deeply love and accept myself and my
body ”
Reminder: [“Release everything that lowers my immunity “]

3. Setup: “Even though my immunity is not used to running at 100% all the time, I now repair
everything that lowers my immunity, as I fully and deeply love and accept myself and my
Reminder: [“Repair everything that lowers my immunity “]

4. Then tap on individual symptoms, such as “sore throat” or “runny nose”.


Another favourite is tapping for allergies and sensitivities, which you can read more about here.

Injuries and Range of Motion

Stacey Vornbrock has developed a program for working at the cellular level, with emotions, for clearing the disrupted energy of injuries.

Article on Gary Craig’s website about her range of motion work

Her website, where her full range of work is available

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is still be considered to be in the experimental stage and each user must take complete responsibility for their own use of it.