Our other websites

DietNet – my original site for  nutrition information

DietNet Recipes and Cooking Course  – learning about real food cooking in 15 steps; recipe blog, including GAPS

DietNet Pinterest – my Pinterest board with additional recipes

GAPS NZ – information on how to do the GAPS programme in NZ

WAPF Wellington – the Wellington chapter of the Weston A Price foundation can help you find raw milk, fermented food starters and other real foods.

WAPF Wellington Facebook page – this is where we share new nutrition & health articles from the media and some of our favourite bloggers

Nature Foods NZ – our online shop selling coconut products, Green Pastures cod liver and butter oils, resources for doing the GAPS protocol, books, natural supplements and more.

Bio-kult NZ – more information about the Bio-kult probiotic

Coconut – Our info page about coconut

Milk – Our info page on raw milk in NZ

Other useful websites

Chris Kresser – science based Paleo articles

Dr Mercola – largest natural health website around

Eckhart Tolle – being in the Now for improved mental ans emotional health

Educate Yourself – old school in style, but a great resource for info on natural healing – Dr Natasha’s GAPS website

Louise Hay: Heal Your Life – using affirmations and positive thinking

Mark’s Daily Apple – Paleo / Primal recipes and lifestyle – fermented natto available in NZ

No Fluoride – why we should avoid fluoride

NutraPro – quality virgin cod liver oil that we sell in NZ through Nature Foods

Paleo Mom – Paleo recipes and lifestyle blog; science based author of The Paleo Approach about the Autoimmune Paleo regime

Real Milk – International raw milk site

Wellness Mama  – Paleo recipes and lifestyle blog

Weston A Price Foundation – the international site with loads of articles