How I Work

My role is to share with you some tools for maintaining your own health. Using the appropriate combination of tools, most health concerns can be improved. I have a special interest in combining EFT, kinesiology and nutritional coaching to work on depression, chronic illnesses, food and environmental sensitivities, cravings and addictions and body image issues.


Initial Consultation

How I work is very dependent on your needs, and whereabouts you are. So first, we have a chat about what health issues you want to work on, and what outcome you want. If you’re in Wellington this is usually by phone (which takes about 10-20 minutes), otherwise it’s by email. Then I’ll suggest what approach I think will work best. If you like the sound of it, we go ahead. This inital consultation is complimentary.

Sometimes, I will recommend a single approach to an issue. Other times I will recommend we start with one therapy, then include others, for more complete success.

If we’re going to start with personalised diet, I send you a detailed questionnaire and food diary to fill out that enables me to make some dietary recommendations. Once you’ve sent that back and I evaluate it, we have a session together to go over it. Or if you’re not in Wellington, I email you a report and we email back and forth a bit till you’re clear about everything. Then we keep in contact by email for a month or so, to get you well started. I also give you access to my online cooking lessons and recipes.

If we’re going to start with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or kinesiology, you fill in a one sheet questionnaire at our first consultation.

EFT sessions take place face to face if you’re in Wellington. Otherwise, we can work by phone or webcam.

Kinesiology sessions can only be done in Wellington.

Personalised Diet and Nutrition

This is about finding the right balance of foods for your unique needs. We combine these aspects:

Whole foods:

Learn how to select, prepare and eat real food, full of nutrients instead of toxins, using my “How to Enjoy Real food” 15 step cooking course ¬†and recipes.

Metabolic Typing:

Find the right type of diet for your individual needs, allowing for your metabolic type and other special needs.

Identifying food allergies:

Identifying allergies, techniques for cooking without those foods, and looking at ways to repair the gut and neutralise some allergies

Herbs and Supplements:

If needed, to complement your eating plan

More info about Personalised Diet and Nutrition

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

An effective tool, that is simple to learn and apply yourself, for dealing with:

  • daily stress
  • past trauma
  • fears and phobias
  • chronic illness
  • physical pain
  • limiting beliefs
  • goals and performance

When we tap, mostly I sit opposite you and tap with you. That way, you can just follow me and focus on your words and feelings, rather than trying to remember the points.

At Gary Craig’s first Masters training, the attendees all felt that there were three levels to how fast and deep you can work with EFT

  • Many things can be cleared working on your own
  • Working with a therapist, things will move faster due to the combined intent of healing of two people. It also enables you to clear things you couldn’t by yourself, as often we’re too close to our own problems to see them clearly.
  • Having the therapist tap ON the client is even more powerful

I usually have my clients tap on themselves, as I think it’s important for you to get very comfortable with the tapping points so you can continue on your own between sessions.

But for some clients, in the right circumstances, I will suggest I tap on them while they lie on a massage table and relax. This enables them to focus entirely on what’s happening in their thoughts and body, and allows us to work at a deeper level.

More info about EFT


Looking at what’s going on in your energy system, by monitoring the activity of the muscles, and improving their energy flow. Kinesiology methods used include:

  • Touch For Health
  • Reactive Muscle Balancing
  • Kinergetics
  • Muscle testing for food and other sensitivities

More info about Kinesiology

Lifestyle Analysis

Looking at whether some lifestyle changes would enhance your health. This might include changes in how you exercise, getting more sleep or fresh air, or adding in some quick and easy “energy exercises” to your daily routine.

More about Lifestyle Coaching

Reiki or Reset

Introduction to these methods of natural healing.

Read more about Reiki, Reset and other energy techniques

Referrals to other practitioners

Sometimes it is appropriate for you to see other practitioners, and I may suggest you see your doctor or another natural health practitioner such as a naturopath, homeopath, chiropractor or osteopath.


What conditions can I help with?

Just a small sample of the many areas that I can help with, and how we’d approach each one:

Allergies and Sensitivities

Weight Loss

Cravings and Addictions


Sports Performance

Mental Health

If you’re still unsure if this can help you, read my testimonials.

Or you may want to find out more about the specific services I offer.

Contact Me to arrange your complimentary initial consultation, to discuss your needs and how I can help.