Better Performance

Physical considerations

If you have injuries, this might be where you need to start.

Read more on the page about physical symptoms for working on the physical at different levels.

Beliefs and attitudes

Although talent, the right training, good nutrition and plenty of sleep are arguably the most important aspects of sports performance, our beliefs and attitudes are also very important.

Even the most positive thinker is likely to have some limiting beliefs.

Remember the story of Roger Bannister. Nobody had ever broken the four minute mile, and everybody believed it couldn’t be done, until he did it. Then everybody’s beliefs about it changed, and all of a sudden a lot of people were able to run a sub 4 minute mile.

Both amateur and professional sports people can improve sports performance by identifying emotions and beliefs that are restricting performance.

What are your limiting beliefs?

  • Even when I’m in peak form, I can’t lift more than X weight
  • I’ve never beaten competitor Y, and I will never be able to
  • My golf score is never under Z
  • I always have trouble with this aspect of my game

The identification can be the tricky bit, but then the tapping is more straight forward. Tap for:

  • Previous situations that “prove” your belief
  • Your emotions around it
  • And finally, the belief itself

Test yourself with a positive statement that you’d like to replace the old belief with. When it feels 100% true, you’re probably done.

But if you find that your performance hasn’t improved, don’t despair and give up. Just notice what new thoughts and feelings come up, and you have new tapping material.

For a lot more info on sports performance, check out the website of Stacey Vornbrock

While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is still be considered to be in the experimental stage and each user must take complete responsibility for their own use of it.