Metabolic Typing

This is about finding the right balance of macronutrients (protein, fat and carbohydrates) for your metabolism. At one end of the scale are people who do well on an Atkins style diet (extreme Protein types); at the other are people who do well on vegetarian diets (extreme Carbo types); and most people are somewhere in the middle (Mixed). Think of a bell curve, which is how most human characteristics are distributed.


Orange and green depict Protein and Carbo types, but extreme types will be the small groups at the far ends of each. So not a big %.

Protein types need heavy proteins such as red meat and chicken thighs, while Carbo types need lighter proteins such as fish and chicken breast. Protein types need more fats, while Carbo types need more carbs. Mixed types need a bit of everything and need lots of variety, eating both the heavier and lighter proteins, with moderate levels of fat and carbs.

Your food diary and questionnaire will give us an idea of roughly where on the scale you currently lie, and I’ll give you some fine tuning guidelines.

I can now also offer a DNA test that will tell you more about your ability to digest starches. This test costs about $200. Read more about it here.

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