Cooking Course

For many people, the thought of changing to a whole foods diet is a bit overwhelming. So to introduce the concepts a bit more easily, I’ve developed a 15 step plan called “How To Enjoy Real Food” which is on my DietNet Recipe website.

The aims are to introduce the key elements of whole food nutrition in an easy to integrate, step by step way. The recipes are tasty, use everyday foods, and designed to be easy for you to fit into your busy lifestyle.

Some clients just like to leap in and make all their dietary changes at once, and use the plan mainly as a recipe book. For others, there are a lot of changes to make, and this enables you to make one change at a time, and more easily change your habits.

The course is composed of the following 15 steps. It is suggested you add in one a week, but it’s up to you how you fit it best into your timetable.